April 2018


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WEEK OF April 30 – May 6, 2018

The truth could be stranger than fiction this Monday, April 30 as the Scorpio moon shares a flight path with no-holds-barred Jupiter. Suspend disbelief, Pisces. It’s time to face those unvarnished facts head on and see things for what they truly are. While this can be temporarily unmooring, when you know what—and who—you’re dealing with, you can make the soundest decisions for yourself. Even if these discoveries evoke a change, embrace it. And since Monday’s planetary pairing is the after-party of last Sunday’s Scorpio full moon, developments can happen fast once you set your mind to them. Don’t let your fear of change keep you stuck in a groove! Traveling or enrolling in school may be part of the plan that emerges. Feeling gun shy? Start gently. Drop in for a visit to the Austin or London office; or, if you work for yourself, pack up your laptop and do a two-week Airbnb rental in a city you’re considering for relocation. Instead of applying for a Masters program, take an online course to see how a certain subject matter sings to you.

Of course, moving the needle doesn’t have to mean upending your entire life. All week long, the Sun is beaming into Taurus and your third house of local activity. With a little basic research, like checking out the cultural guides or asking savvy friends for tips, you could discover a treasure trove in your own front yard. As you move through your daily routines, look up from your Instagram feed and scan the scene. Oh hello, new yoga studio with a sound bath meditation, or weekly lecture series at the cafe serving your morning joe! If nothing is happening locally that sates your intellectual curiosity, take it upon yourself to be the organizer. You could start a book club with friends—or level it up to a “workbook club” as you read and support each other with accompanying exercises in a tome like The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron or Calling In The One by Katherine Woodward.

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Another prompt to find your tribe arrives just before the weekend, when the Capricorn moon settles into your communal eleventh house for two-plus days. Look for “people of substance,” Pisces—folks who aren’t afraid to plummet into the poetic and mystical depths where mermaids tread. This may be your cue to get involved in a political cause or a charitable organization that is having a direct impact on issues that mean everything to you. On Friday, heavyweight Saturn adds an air of gravitas to all your social interactions. Is one difficult person bringing down the morale of the group? You have two choices here, Pisces. You could pull ’em aside for a one-on-one to discuss the issue or you can make a tough call and ask them to leave. Although you may adore this person, you have to think about the collective. Perhaps this just isn’t a good fit, and your relationship would be better served by collaborating in other ways. While you’re at it, assess the commitments on your plate. Don’t let misplaced loyalty leave you stuck in a group that’s no longer speaking to your soul. Time is your most precious asset, Pisces, so spend yours among people who mirror your highest intentions—and also spark joy!

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I never planned on being a startup business entrepreneur. It happened by accident. But after suffering unbearable pain, numerous medical misdiagnoses, and ineffective surgeries, there was no choice.

For four long years, I suffered from vulvodynia, experiencing sharp, stabbing, burning pain in my pelvic area, making it impossible to enjoy sexual intimacy with my future husband. The pain, both physical, emotional and mental, was agonizing and impacted my quality of life. After undergoing several surgeries and even having a doctor suggest she drink wine before trying sex with her husband, I had enough.

From my previous positive experience using magnets to reduce back and neck nerve pain after a car accident, I had an entrepreneurial “lightbulb moment” to add neodymium magnets into a vaginal dilator. With the help of medical experts and advisors, I turned my idea into a nonprescription device that is clinically proven to help women relieve pelvic pain and sexual discomfort. From my “lightbulb moment” to my successful startup business today, I’ve learned a lot of entrepreneurial lessons along the way:

Get organized

Being organized is key. Running a small business is like being a circus ringmaster. It’s normal to have dozens of things happening at once. So, I have a daily task list, things that I need to do. And I list them by their priority. It’s sounds simple, but it works, and makes me far more productive.

Check the market

When you start a business, the most important thing you must do is check your potential market size. You must do market research to measure competition. Your product or service must be different if you want to hit a home run. Even after doing these things, there will still always be a huge risk. There are so many crucial variables to opening a new business, dedication being the most important.

Tell people

Share your startup story with anyone who will listen. You never know who will be sitting next to you that you could help, or could help you. Many times, I have mentioned my device in a group setting, while out to dinner or at a party. I have made lasting business relationships that have helped grow my business tremendously.

Prepare to sacrifice personal time.

I would work 24 hours a day if I could during the first three years of business. Anytime my eyes were open I was working. Now that the business is successful, I have made more time for my husband and family. The hard work was worth it though, I feel like those were my college years and now I am done studying.

Marketing is crucial

Marketing is a necessary and crucial expense, whether you hire a PR or marketing pro or depend entirely on social media. When done effectively it can make your profits soar. With this in mind, it is ever important to monitor the yield of each attempt you make, embodying your existing customer base and leveraging them as much as possible is critical. Putting systems in place to ensure that you measure what is working will allow you to invest your time and money, in the activities that get you a genuine return and profitability.

Grow at the right pace.

I have had a lot of people who want to invest in my company.  One of the biggest mistakes you can do is partner with someone just because of the money. The investor is more important that the money. You need to pick someone that shares your vision and morals. It is okay to be picky when it comes to an investor.

Legal advice

The toughest lesson I’ve learned is always show contracts to an attorney. We had hired a company that was going to help us market our magnetic pelvic pain dilators to physicians and physical therapists. We mistakenly did not send it to our lawyer to review. The potential partner agreed on commission for sales, but made a drastic change in the contract one month later. At that point, we informed our attorney and he sent a termination letter immediately. But the situation could have been avoided if we had sent it initially to our attorney to review. Going forward, we now have our attorney review all contracts and business agreements in advance.

-Being an entrepreneur allows me to explore and pursue all of my ideas and goals. When you work a 9-5 job for another person or corporation, it sometimes can be hard to voice your opinion for the fear of rejection. When you are an entrepreneur, you can entertain and pursue all your ideas and learn, first hand, if they were good or bad. Another plus is you can create your own destiny with no cap on how successful you can become, or how much money you can make. It is all up to you, and that is what’s so special about being an entrepreneur.

Finally, you might fail, and that’s okay. It’s okay to throw in the towel. Do not waste money keeping a dream alive that you feel will never be successful. This is very important because every mistake you made the first time around will help you create something more successful in the next time.

I have seen many entrepreneurs that define success by how much money they have in the bank, the car they drive and the house they own. I think differently. I define success by how many women I can help. Anything monetary is a bonus.

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Fourteen months ago, Tamaryn Muniz was bordering 130kg. She found herself in constant pain and not living life to the fullest. Her love for unhealthy food and lack of exercise had her piling on the kilos and, before she knew it, her weight was out of control. Sick of feeling unhealthy, this mom of three decided to completely change her lifestyle and embark on a fitness journey that would have her reaping all the benefits.

Tamaryn Muniz

Occupation: Branch manager

Age: 38

Weight before: 126.8kg

Weight after: 87kg

Time required to reach current weight: 14 months

Secret weapon to your weight loss: No excuses

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The Gain

After moving into her own place at 19, Tamaryn’s weight troubles began. “I could eat anything I wanted, portions weren’t controlled and it was easier to just get takeaways or eat a whole pot of whatever creamy concoction I’d made,” she says. Her favourites were creamy pasta and potatoes. Her go-to snack: chips and dip. “I’d eat a whole bowl of dip and a big bag of crisps without a second thought,” she says. Along with the overindulging, Tamaryn was partying hard, and that was all the exercising she was getting. A marriage and three kids later, Tamaryn found herself locked in a constant battle with her weight – a fight that would continue for years.

The Change

Eight years ago Tamaryn injured her spinal cord during a netball game. “I slipped three discs which were in a complete prolapsed state, and for six years I fought to avoid spinal surgery. The daily pain was so intense I couldn’t dress myself. My six-year-old had to help me dress when my hubby was at work.” Two years later, after surgery which resulted in 19 staples in her back, Tamaryn still found herself in constant pain. Her doctor blamed the excess weight. At first she was reluctant to believe that her weight had anything to do with it – but ultimately she realised she “had to do something”.

“I will never forget the day, 16 May 2016, when I walked into my coach’s gym (Body Fanatics) – that’s the day my life changed for the better,” says Tamaryn. She switched bad carbs for good ones like sweet potatoes and rice. She upped her protein intake and stuck to a strict eating and exercise plan. She exercised for 30 minutes in the morning and did 45 minutes of weight training at night. Once she was in the right mindset, losing weight wasn’t as daunting. “The mind is powerful and once you have your mind on your side, the rest becomes a lot easier”.

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The Lifestyle

Tamaryn’s first strategy was to “stop making excuses”. She explains that making excuses is a delay tactic and that “change comes with hard work. You need to be prepared to work hard to reap the rewards.” Tamaryn eats six smalls meals a day. Her first meal of the day usually consists of oats with egg whites and grapefruit, or a berry smoothie with added whey protein. She ends her day with tuna and salad, or steak and vegetables. Since the beginning of her journey, Tamaryn’s eating hasn’t changed much, but she has switched up her exercising. “I do cardio in the morning and weight training at night four times a week – so now I train a minimum of 12 times a week,” she says.

The Reward

It’s taken 14 months of hard work, determination and dedication, but Tamaryn has lost an amazing 42 kilos! And she shows no signs of stopping. “I refuse to call my pictures before and after because I’m not done yet, not by a long shot,” she exclaims.

She’s also reached many milestones along the way. “I’m proud that I fit into a size 12 or 14 jeans and not a 28, and a size 10 or 12 shirt, not a 26.” From wearing a bikini in public to completing a 5k in under 35 minutes, Tamaryn is smashing all her fitness goals and inspiring others. “But I couldn’t have done this without the help, support and butt-kicking from my amazing husband Eric Muniz, and my inspirational and amazing coach June Odendaal,” she says.

And the bonuses keep piling up… Because of her new healthy lifestyle, her husband and kids have been living healthier lives too. And her back pain is a thing of the past. “My back hasn’t been this strong in eight years – I can pick up heavy things, I can bend to tie laces, I can do everything I could before I injured myself,” she says.

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Tamaryn’s Tips

Stop making excuses: “Excuses only hold you back from where you want to be.”

Get a coach: “Find someone to help you with meal plans and training programmes.”

Believe in yourself: “You are amazing, you are gorgeous and you can do it. Believe it and do it.”

In need of more inspiration? Check out these incredible success stories!

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April 28, 2018

You don’t have to take a gap year to scratch your wanderlust itch, Water Bearer. This weekend brings opportunities galore for mini-getaways—or activities that let you FEEL like you’re somewhere more exotic than home sweet home. With the curious Libra moon jetting through your ninth house of travel and adventure Saturday, you’ll be keen to try anything different or unfamiliar. Is there a one-day road trip you could take with your favorite plus-one? How about a few days at a woodsy rental cabin or even a friend’s swanky high-rise apartment? Even an unplugged “baecation” with your S.O. can raise your pulse if you avoid the usual haunts. On Sunday, the year’s only full moon in Scorpio switches on all the lights in your tenth house of career ambition. Get a jumpstart on the workweek—if you’re not in another time zone—and send some queries or update your website. This lunar lift influences the next two weeks. Play your professional cards right and you could land a new gig or prestigious client. We don’t have to tell your networking-savvy sign that it really IS all about who you know.

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The longer I do polymer clay, the more I realize there are just a lot of ways to do things. This approach by a Russian artist on LiveJournal – SandyCheek – makes the mokume gane stack into a cane to slice. It’s an easier way of dealing with an all clay stack for sure. The tutorial is in Russian but here’s a link an English version, as well.

You can deform your stacks with cutters, straight edges, needle tools, ball tools… the different marks make for interesting slices.

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In a recent Harvard Business Review study, Are You Solving the Right Problems?, 85 per cent of 106 C-Suite executives agreed their organisations were bad at diagnosing problems, with 87 per cent of them believing this flaw carried significant costs.

Businesses are under incredible pressure from constant deadlines and the need for short-term results. Their leaders want immediate outcomes, which creates a culture of ‘doing’. When a problem arises, leaders quickly jump to solution finding, without isolating what the real problem is. If they don’t initially take the time to dig deep, to observe and figure out what is really going on, then they will most likely waste time, money and resources on a solution that will have little impact.

Daryl Bussell was once a shift manager in Ballarat, Victoria, for the global family-owned confectionery company Mars. Every year, owner John Mars would travel to Australia and visit local operations. On one such tour, John identified an issue and challenged the team to find it and report back within 24 hours. He offered a reward of $5 for spotting the problem.

Daryl was always up for a challenge.

“We went around the factory and must have changed 20 things and found 20 different small issues,” he said.

When John returned the next day, Daryl and his team shared their many discoveries and the results from their problem finding exercise – and were given $5. They framed the note on the wall, but everyone (including Daryl) was still in the dark about the original problem.

“We suspect we may not have found the exact issue. He was just challenging us to be better.”

What John Mars did was show his employees they always need to be curious and on the hunt for problems to solve. He opened their minds to looking at their familiar work environment in new ways.

A curious reward

Curiosity arises where there is a gap between what we know and what we want to know. It is a state where we anticipate an intrinsic cognitive reward. When we are curious, our brain lights up. We feel good! Curiosity stimulates the ‘pleasure and reward’ system of the brain.

Cognitive neuroscientist Dr Matthias Gruber and his colleagues conducted an experiment in 2014 to better understand the effect curiosity has on the brain.

Participants were asked to rate how curious they were to learn the answer to a series of trivia questions. Their brains were scanned both while they were exposed to the questions, and while they waited 14 seconds for the answer.

This experiment revealed the more curious a person is to know the answer, the more their brain activity lights up the pleasure and reward parts of the brain. This is also known as the dopamine circuit or the ‘wanting’ system.

The dopamine circuit of the brain also lights up when we receive extrinsic rewards such as money or treats. Think about a kid in a candy store or when you are anticipating a bonus payment.

And yet, we are not always encouraged and/or rewarded for being curious at work.

Get curious

Curiosity is the tool we should use to find our customers’ most valuable problems; to turn our insights into opportunities. In a business, you need to be curious to identify what matters most.

The business leaders that cultivate a culture of curiosity are more likely to understand the problems they’re trying to solve. This results in better innovation and greater success.

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You’ve made such great progress! The scale was down. Your clothing size was down. Then, all of a sudden … nothing. Nothing is budging. Your progress has halted and you’re frustrated. You’ve hit the dreaded PLATEAU!

How do you get past it? Well, figuring out why you hit a plateau can help you find a way through it.

Reasons you may have hit a plateau:

  1. Not eating enough to start with. Your body does not know the difference between diet and starvation. If you started too low in calories to begin with, walking down in calories will become very difficult if your body believes you aren’t going to feed it enough. Figuring out your energy balance (resting metabolic rate plus activity levels) can help to make sure you don’t allow your body to become stubborn about burning that extra body fat.
  2. Eating too many carbs, not enough protein and fats. Carbohydrates are your body’s energy source. If you are giving it plenty of carbs, it has no reason to tap into fat stores as fuel.
  3. You stopped tracking your food and exercise. It’s easy to overestimate how much exercise we are doing or under-calculate how much we are truly eating. Getting it down on paper (or on to an app like MyFitnessPal) makes us accountable to what we are accomplishing in real time.
  4. Alcohol. While alcohol doesn’t necessarily cause you to get fat, it can prevent your body from burning fat. Your metabolism must deal with the alcohol first before it can do anything else. If your alcohol consumption has been increasing, it can halt your progress.
  5. Too much cardio, not enough strength training. Your body adapts very quickly to cardio, meaning you don’t burn as many calories doing the same activity. However, building muscle increases your metabolism overall (even while you sleep).
  6. You’re focused on the wrong thing. If the scale is the only tool you are measuring your progress by, you may still be seeing results but not appreciating them. If your body fat is decreasing, you are dropping inches and if your clothes are getting too big, you haven’t hit a plateau at all. Progress is progress.
  7. Too many cheat meals. If you are doing great during the week but eating thousands of calories on the weekend, eating a cheat meal (or two or four), you are probably undoing all your hard work by exceeding your body’s energy needs. Try sticking to one cheat meal and don’t make it a “free-for-all.”
  8. Hormones. As we get older our hormones decline, making it more difficult to lose weight or keep fat off (especially in the abdominal area). This can play a role in reaching those stubborn plateaus. There is also something to be said for the chemicals, additives and preservatives found in processed foods. It is now widely reported that high-fructose corn syrup confuses our ghrelin and leptin levels (the hormones that tell us if we are hungry or satiated).
  9. Stress. Cortisol does lead to stubborn belly fat (although a pill will not solve the situation). Reducing stress and exercising self-care may get you past that frustrating point.

Tips to get past a plateau:

  1. Be patient. If you are still seeing changes other than the scale, you are still seeing progress. The goal should be fat loss, not weight loss.
  2. Switch up your workouts. Add strength training, try a new class or take up a new sport to shake it up and stay motivated.
  3. Go back to tracking your food. It’s important to be accountable. If you aren’t 100 percent sure how much you are eating or how many calories you are burning, you may be justifying extra goodies too often.
  4. Recalculate your macros. If you have lost 50 pounds, you may not need quite as many calories. Base your energy intake on your energy output by using a Fitbit or other activity tracker.
  5. Drink more water. Considering your body is made up of mostly H2O, staying hydrated will keep your body working as efficiently as possible.
  6. Consult a professional. Hire a trainer, nutritionist or coach who has shown they can get their clients results in a healthy way. Be sure to choose someone who has certification, plenty of experience and practices what they preach.

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App Store Optimization

Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine.

  • Sergey Brin

The world of technology is all about winning a race in the search ‘space’. Stay ahead of all the competitors and get the hits — a proper bang on the absolute and targeted keywords. Superior ranking remains the basic strategy of all the innovative methodologies, application software and any other product. In short, it’s “Search Engine Optimization” for websites and “App Store Optimization” for mobile apps.

Now, here’s a brief on what exactly is the ‘App store optimization’ and the inside-out of the App store. Optimization is essentially the first step taken when any software is launched. The aim of developing a mobile app is obviously to increase the number of downloads. Hence, the focus stays on the search results and the indexing of the applications in the store. The marketing apps rely on the app store optimization tools they use.

How do the search results affect the ranking or indexing of the mobile applications? The answer is quite simple. The words that are typed on the search bar — that is, the keywords. The name says it all. These are definitely the ‘key’ factor that determines the search results. The keywords are simply designated by the most relevant feature of the respective mobile application. And, these words would best describe the application and its use. Applying the best keywords facilitates the mobile applications to gain higher ranks and achieve targeted goals, which ultimately depends on the increasing rate of downloads by the users. Finding the targeted keywords is, thus, not as easy as a pie. It requires an extensive research that can ensure impressive results.

What are the most important steps behind the process of ‘App Store Optimization’? In addition to appropriate usage of keywords, the application title also holds an equal weightage in improving the hierarchy of the mobile application in the App store. In fact, there are platforms that allow the app marketers to test their mobile applications using the testing tools. Furthermore, there are social media platforms that offer experiments and research on targeted keywords in different countries around the globe.

The visibility, the display, the appearance, the icon of the app — yes, this is yet another feature and one of the most important app store optimization tools. How well does the app appear in the app store? Make it simple, and flaunt the best feature of the mobile application through the icon. More complex icons can significantly affect the rating of the application in the store and can turn the app publishers to go for a toss.

Although these occur to be the key factors for app optimization, there are slight variations when the dominant mobile application stores are compared. For instance, Apple App store for iPhones does not provide prime importance to the ‘keywords’ when compared with the Google Play store of the Android. In order to draw more traffic and grab potential customers, the crucial methodologies and the factors used for optimization can vary.

When all the above-mentioned app optimization tools go hand-in-hand, the ratings and reviews of the apps increase automatically. Snatch the accurate words, and propose the excellent title for the mobile app. There can absolutely be nothing else to improve marketing the bran, and do top it up with the simplest icon and get the highest rating with great reviews.

There’s nothing more to be done. Devote your time and effort in analyzing ‘key’words and obtain the finest results in the app store.

According to a recent research, every year, 400 Japanese workers die at their desks from being overworked. The term is referred to as ‘Karōshi’ in Japan and ‘Gwarosa’ in South Korea, which means ‘death from being overworked.’ The medical causes of these deaths are strokes and heart attacks from stress.

It’s a real phenomenon, which can affect your working environment if you aren’t careful. Your staff is always under pressure of rushing to not only meet your organization’s goals but also increase productivity levels.

Pressure on your employees to deliver only causes increased stress and anxiety levels. Your main objective is optimizing efficiency while at the same time reducing stress, which can lead to the Karōshi phenomenon. What do you need to do to avoid stress-related deaths? Improve your work environment. The next question you’ll ask is HOW?

Well, it’s quite simple. Your workplace doesn’t only involve the building/s but the people who you work with (environment). Below are two easy ways tailored to improving work environment.

Automating your office

I know you are going. “Automate what?” yeah, automating your office is one of the way aimed at improving the overall atmosphere of your office. The term ‘automate’ is not about robots or some futuristic thing; it’s all about making work efficient. How do you automate your office? By using, a small and smart electromechanical device called an electric linear actuator. Its implementation is used for both equipment and furniture making work easier. Let’s dive in and see where actuator implementation takes room in your office.

Improve lighting and ventilation

This is your first, or you could say your primary source of natural ventilation and light. Improving lighting and ventilation plays an important part in your workers’ overall performance and mood. In an article published on online MBA program stated that subjection to natural light enhances mood and energy, affecting greatly focus and efficiency.

If natural illumination isn’t possible for whatever reason, you may opt for light bulbs, which are blue-enriched. Why blue? Because blue reduces fatigue, increases performance and happiness. In your meeting, break and brainstorming rooms, try to use mellow tones for relaxation and calmness promotion. Use middle tones for conference rooms as they not only welcome staff but also keep them on alert.

For ventilation, there’s the window opener. It automates the opening and closing process of your window modifying your office’s temperature. Natural ventilation and fresh air enhance mood increasing productivity.

Modify workstations

Perhaps, this is one of the most important things you ought to consider doing. Remember, employees spend 7-8 hours sitting at their desks making them dormant which leads to health issues. Stress and obesity are the outcomes of long working and uncomfortable workstation.

How to improve your work environment and office atmosphere

So what could you do to improve your workstations? You turn to sit-stand desks. Sit-stand desks have a long history from the 1800s. Now, you have the option of an adjustable sit-stand desk. It’s an automated desk, which switches from sitting to standing mode in less than 15 seconds implementing actuators. This is just one way to improve office environment.

You’re wondering, how does it help? Well, the benefits are:

Reduces the risk of being obese

Renowned researcher for standing desks James Levine from Mayo Clinic conducted a study on various workers groups. The individuals were asked to add an intake of 1,000 calories to their daily meal and stay stationary. Some of them put on weight while others didn’t.

As curious as he was, Levine knew that something was going on with the certain group that didn’t put on weight. He and his team inserted sensors in the volunteers’ undergarments tracking their daily activities. What he found was startling. Those that sat a lot gained weight but those who moved around never gained additional weight.

What was Levine’s conclusion? Standing is useful to obtain optimum health. And a standing desk is the way to go as an individual burns 50 more calories in an hour than when seated.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Lack of physical activity is related to contracting breast and colon cancer. A 2011 study concluded that 43,000 colon and 49,000 breast cancer cases yearly were due to prolonged sitting. Although inconclusive, the study also shed light on lung, prostate, endometrial and lung cancer connection to long sitting times. There’s no definitive answer as to why prolonged sitting causes these types of cancers. But there’s a possibility that an increase in C-reactive protein was found to be the cause in those who sat for long hours.

Extended life

It’s evident that the rise in mortality is connected with sitting which causes obesity, diabetes, various types of cancer. The 2011 study concluded that the life expectancy of Americans increases by two years if only they observed reduced sitting time by half, meaning they should stand at least three hours.

Improved posture

A standing desk is a good option for creating an ideal work environment because it reduces your eyes from straining and improves posture. Setting up the desk is equally important to obtain optimum results though. Your computer monitor should be set slightly above your eye level making you strain just a little when making contact. Standing improves strengthens your bones creating a rigid posture.

There is quite a number of suggestion for improvement of your work environment. You have to decide what works and doesn’t work to ensure you have a vibrant and happy staff. Employee movement like taking short breaks or the basics the 20-20-20 technique to prevent eyestrain needs enforcement. An improved environment yields great productivity and profits.

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