Women across the country are no stranger to weird laws that apply seemingly ridiculous constraints on them or their loved ones. But even if you’ve researched weird laws before, you may not have known these incredibly strange marriage laws that are still technically on the books across the country.

legal or illegal
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Business Restrictions

The United States has seen plenty of legal battles regarding sexuality and business. Here are just a few of the stranger laws that have come out of these battles.

  • In California, you can only sell pillows that look like breasts if you’re over 1,000 feet from a highway.
  • In Alamosa, Colorado, you can’t open a “bawdy house,” which is a place that specifically allows rowdy sexual activity.
  • In Roswell, Georgia, you can feel free to open an erotic dancing establishment, but it has to stay closed on Sundays.
  • In Kansas, you’re considered to be “promoting” prostitution even if you just drive a sex worker to a client.
  • In Maryland, you can sell condoms out of vending machines, but only if they’re made of latex.
  • In Minnesota, lawmakers are so wary of prostitution in massage parlors that customers are only allowed inside between 10am and 6pm.
  • In Nevada, you can legally license a brothel, but you have to make sure that it’s at least 400 yards away from religious buildings.
  • In Texas, there’s a cap on sex toy ownership: you can’t have six or more “obscene devices.”

Laws About Marriage

Marriage has been around for millennia, and for as long as it’s been around, people have been making laws about it. Try these marriage laws on for size.

  • In Delaware, you can file for divorce if your marriage was based on a “jest or dare” from either person.
  • In Mississippi, it’s illegal to even tell someone about polygamy.
  • In Montana, it’s legal to have a “double proxy” marriage, where both people call in instead of being there physically.
  • In Nebraska, you have to tell your partner if you have an STD before marriage, or your partner can file for divorce.
  • In North Carolina, a couple can file for divorce if either person knew they were impotent when the marriage happened, but didn’t inform the other.
  • In South Carolina, it’s illegal to sweet-talk a woman into sleeping with you by promising her that you’ll marry her in the future.
  • In Utah, adultery can be a reason for a judge to deny one partner alimony.

Weird Bans — Or Lack Thereof

Some people just generally assume that something is banned or isn’t banned based on societal opinion. That’s why these weird sex and marriage laws tend to really astound people.

  • In Alabama, while incest is explicitly illegal, the definition of “incest” doesn’t mention first cousins.
  • In Hawaii, there’s nothing technically on the books regarding bestiality.
  • In Illinois, necrophilia is specifically outlawed — and it’s one of the few states to have a law banning it.
  • In Virginia, people are still technically banned from having sex with anyone except their spouse.

Nudity Laws

The decision as to what it “nudity” means has been a hotly debated subject in legal courts throughout the years. These states have some pretty weird takes on the subject.

  • In Louisiana, it’s only illegal to go streaking if the person is doing it with the “intent to arouse others.”
  • In New Mexico, a person is considered not to violate nudity laws if the genitals and areolas are covered.
  • In Kenosha, Wisconsin, the definition of public nudity includes that all coverage must be “fully opaque.

Laws About Minors

It’s important to protect minors, but some states use that protection to write some pretty weird laws.

  • In Idaho, schools are required to enforce specifically how sex is related to “the miracle of life.”
  • In Oregon, lawmakers accidentally banned minors from seeing classical artwork after forbidding minors to see anything with nudity or sexual content.
  • In South Dakota, it’s illegal for a minor to sext even with another minor.
  • In Tennessee, sex education is only required in areas with very high rates of teen pregnancy.
  • In West Virginia, teenagers need parental approval for birth control, but a judge can make an exception if a teen “demonstrates maturity.”

Public Behavior

Being decent in public is an important part of many sex and marriage laws around the United States. But the idea of “public decency” has changed so much over the years that these laws seem a little strange.

  • In Florida, it’s only illegal to live with your non-married partner if you’re doing it “lewdly and lasciviously.”
  • In Michigan, it’s illegal to have sex in a car unless you’re doing it on your own property.
  • In New Jersey, no one can use “a word, sign, or gesture” to indicate sexual interest.
  • In Sag Harbor, New York, the laws are old enough that it specifically mentions a ban on undressing in wagons.
  • In Ohio, it’s only illegal to solicit someone for a same-sex affair if you know they would be offended by it.
  • In Oklahoma, bar owners are legally required to stop people from even pretending to have sex with an animal.
  • In Morrisville, Pennsylvania, an old law mandates that women who wear makeup and men who shave have “shaving and cosmetic buttons.”
  • In Lynden, Washington, the city still mandates that no one can dance where alcoholic beverages are served.

As a busy professional, I am aware of how work stress can interfere with every aspect of your life. 

Stress at work has a way of burning you out quickly because it becomes a strain on your daily life. There are ways to deal with work stress that can help make it much more manageable. I am a living example of coping with work stress and not allowing it to interfere with every other aspect of my life. 

How do you deal with work stress?

Work stress may be a question you pose regularly. The answer is in being assertive. 

Why assertive communication makes sense in the workplace.

Group meeting
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Being assertive is a core strategy for communication, especially in the workplace. What it means to be assertive is to adequately express yourself and your point of view while still respecting those around you. 

Assertive communication makes sense because it’s based on mutual respect. By being assertive, you are showing that you respect yourself as well as those you work with. 

What is the difference between assertive and passive behavior?

Work stress overflows when you have a passive attitude. Being passive means that you don’t address issues when they arise, and you take every step possible to avoid conflict. 

By being assertive, you can reduce stress and even thrive in the workplace because you are not just letting things happen around you. Instead, you are taking action by dealing with your colleagues, honestly and clearly. 

Are you showing assertive behavior?

To be assertive in your workplace, you are showing respect for those around you while also elevating yourself to be respected. People won’t take advantage of you. Better still, you will learn to deal with work stress better because you have complete control over your emotions. Lastly, to show assertive behavior, you are setting boundaries for those around you and not giving in to the demands that go beyond those boundaries.  

Why is passive-aggressive behavior terrible for you?

There are many types of personalities in the workplace; none that clash more with others than when you exhibit passive-aggressive behavior. 

Being passive-aggressive is terrible for you and damaging to any workplace relationships. You are frustrating those around you along with damaging your work ethic and relationships with colleagues. 

When you exhibit passive-aggressive behavior, you are denying how you feel and are shutting down instead of communicating. By refusing to discuss issues or by stubbornly procrastinating on work projects out of stubbornness, you are damaging your relationship with your superiors and your co-workers. 

Being the Yes Person is Harmful to You and Your Stress Levels

Being the ‘yes’ person is damaging to your career and your stress levels because you are taking on everything everyone asks you to do without considering if you can do the job.  

As you continually say yes to everything, your willingness to work hard will eventually take its toll. You will be stressed as deadlines loom, and you aren’t making the progress you expected. Furthermore, you will be seen in your workplace as a pushover. 

The Benefits of Being Assertive

There are many great benefits to being assertive in the workplace. Your communication with co-workers and bosses will improve as well as several other career-changing benefits will arise. 

Become a better manager

As you learn to assert yourself in the workplace, you will find your management skills will improve dramatically through proper communication and work allocation. 

Create win-win solutions for every aspect of your life

By being assertive, you are learning to effectively communicate your needs, show respect for yourself and others as well as managing your time better. Assertiveness will help you win in all areas of your life, not just your career. 

Become better at doing and problem-solving

As you assert yourself, you will learn how to handle all aspects of your life with more clarity. You will face situations and be able to handle them better as you can problem-solve, tackling difficult situations. 

Over time, you will learn to handle stress better

Though you will still experience work stress, you won’t be as overwhelmed as you would be if you continued to be passive-aggressive. The more you learn to assert yourself, the better you will become at handling stress in your life.

Step by step on learning to be more assertive

You can quickly learn to become more confident by taking an honest look at yourself and your behavior.

What style are you?

  • Do you find it difficult to accept constructive criticism?
  • Do you often say ‘yes’ to requests that you should say ‘no’ to so as not to let people down?
  • Do you have difficulty expressing your opinion with others, especially in opposition?
  • Do people feel alienated by the way you communicate different opinions?
  • Do you feel like people are attacking you when you have a difference of opinion?

How to be more assertive

  • Use “I” statements to create clarity in how you feel and where you stand. 
  • Discuss topics in a way that benefits your employer and not just your desires. 
  • Explain what you mean and why you believe the way that you do. 
  • Use body language such as Amy Cuddy’s Power Stance.
  • Always keep your emotions under control. 
  • Understand that smaller steps will lead to more significant steps. 

Bonus: Powerful Move to Launch Forward in Your Workplace

team work
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Recognize your value

Knowing your value starts by knowing what your workplace rights are. Some rights may include:

  • The right to a safe workplace (29 U.S.C. §651 et. seq.).
  • The right to not be discriminated against or harassed because of your race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, or disability (42 U.S.C. § 2000e et. seq.)
  • The right to take a leave from work to recover from an illness, care for a family member, or care for a new child (29 U.S.C. § 2601 et. seq.)

You can always call NLSA at (412)255-6700 to obtain more literature on each of these rights. 

Be willing to keep growing

Just because you encounter disappointment in the workplace doesn’t mean that it has to be a negative thing, use it as a lesson learned and grow from it. 

Acknowledge that you can’t control another person’s behavior

You aren’t responsible for other people. Therefore, it stands to reason that you cannot be responsible for their behavior, only your own. 

Be open to criticism and compliments

Part of growing as a person knows when to accept that there are going to be criticisms of you and when they arise, learn to form them. The same way, accept compliments gracefully. 

It’s Ok not to answer immediately

Be willing to understand that sometimes you won’t have an answer quickly for your boss or co-worker. If you have to ask them for more time, do it. 

More on being assertive and how to help your team

Know what battles you should fight and which don’t matter. Learn how to pick your battles wisely and understand that the ones you choose are ones worth fighting for. 

Address all issues that arise with clarity and directness. You don’t want to make your co-workers guess what the problems are, be direct, and explain the issues. 


Work stress is something that most are plagued with every single day. When you find that you are starting to feel the burden of work, try using assertiveness as a way to deal with work stress. The more you assert yourself, the better you will be at your overall life. 

Author Bio:

Suja Johnkutty: Dedicated physician, mom, and visionary. If I could live in a Relaxation Retreat half the year, I would. From an overwhelmed state, I realized to embrace the solace that comes from meditation, mindfulness, and the love of comforts at home after a busy day. Let me share them with you by relaxation tips to amplify your self-care and enhance your vibrancy.

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The digitalization has captivated the entire world as everything we see around us has become digitized nowadays. One such great example of digitalization is online businesses which are becoming quite popular these days. However, there are a host of factors which determine the success of online business and their website as it finally comes to the quality of user experience.

One of the primary factors which are an inevitable part of an online business is search engine optimization. It is mandatory for the website owners to optimize their website so that it ranks higher in the priority list of various search engines. Further, it is the prime duty of every website owner to promote the SEO ranking of their websites so that their business can achieve success and earn an immense profit. However, this goal is not possible to attain without a well framed website which is laid on a great theme choice. But before we take our discussion further to SEO themes, let us quickly go through the concept of SEO and its importance.

SEO Necessary Or Not?

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Moreover, it is quite a common thing which is observed that the internet users browse the websites that are shown in the top ranking of google results. Supposingly, if the website of your business has a low ranking when it is displayed on the web then your business is actually lagging behind and chances to get right business opportunities are reduced.

Therefore to stand out in the competitive virtual world, it is vital to boost the ranking of your website as your competitors are also doing the same. In case you don’t pay enough attention to promote the ranking of your website then your business may collapse or may struggle reaching the right customers taking your products to the top of SERPs.

How To Optimize Your Website?

Though there are many on page and off page factors that can affect your website, one significant thing which we always aim to create with our website is extraordinary user experience. The primary factor which can affect the experience of your website is the design which ultimately comes out of the theme. The theme selection of your website is the ultimate way to gain success in digital marketing campaigns. The appropriate theme selection for your website results in better user experience. Thus, using SEO friendly themes is of utmost importance to take your business to the peaks of success. Choose SEO friendly theme so that your website and your business doesn’t suffer. So, a web design company should lay emphasis on WordPress theme development. There are multifarious SEO-friendly themes but we have managed to gather some of the best options which are listed below:

SEO Market

There are innumerable WordPress themes but some of the themes are latest and trending in 2019. One of them is the SEO market which is easiest to install and customize. Thanks to a built-in Setup Wizard which makes it very convenient to work on the theme. It would be interesting to note that you don’t need to have any type of coding skills for the modification of the WordPress theme. Thus, this will help you to save your time and can build a website with distinctive features and appearance.

This SEO Website WP template has everything to create a multifunctional website with background video and image slider. al website which includes: various page layouts. Parallax effect, Creation of blog, custom widgets required comes with everything needed to create a multifunctional website: Also, it includes other additional features such AS Elementor Page Builder, Mobile-first philosophy, JetElements add-on offered as a bonus.


Grid Labs is a great option for you if you want to run and establish a high-end IT company. This theme is an editable theme that can be customized and developed according to the latest web designs. This theme becomes interactive and is used to promote your business effectively. This WordPress theme has an ultimate pack of Cherry plugins which are responsible for displaying the services of your business, projects and company’s information along with the company’s review.

Besides this, you will also be able to choose from a variety of header and footer styles along with multifarious blog layouts that can be used to enhance the overall design of your web page. Other features also include:

  • The assortment of pages for any purpose.
  • A wide range of images offered for free and include JetElements plugin.
  • Effective Documentation And Efficient 24/7 Support
  • Includes Mega Menu and TM Timeline.
  • SEO optimization.
  • WordPress Live Customizer makes it easy and convenient for you to apply changes in a real-time mode.
  • Google fonts integration and many more styles and fonts included in the text.


The Conceptum is an impressive and responsive theme with a lot of convincing functions that help you in creating the pages of your website more trustworthy and look more appealing and charismatic. Various types of static and dynamic elements can help to emphasize the content on your website.  Also, it has a clear contact form along with Google Maps that helps you, clients, to communicate effectively with the website owner and know better about the product or service.


SEO mix is a perfect pick for your business if you want to render SEO services. This theme has a minimalist design that offers you extended settings and gives you the chance to adjust the title of the homepage of your website and color of the pages of your website. Also, it provides you with the additional option of adding a logotype to your site

Each element of this SEO Company WordPress Template is developed according to the latest web design trends, which helps to enhance the quality and appearance of the website. A good and attractive theme will be able to attract the audience and bring more potential customers to your website.

Apart from this, the SEO mix is a fully responsive theme which helps the visitors to enjoy your website.


The Neonix is an effective business WP theme which is used by various digital agencies, web studios, SEO experts and other digital service providers. This theme is mobile friendly and translation ready and offers you the flexibility of customization and editing. Being mobile-friendly and translation ready,

worpress theme
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Wrapping Up

SEO Friendly WordPress themes are effective in boosting the rank of online websites because they not just help to make your website smooth and easy to navigate but also deliver a welcoming presence to users who reach your website. Moreover, the SEO friendly themes act as a helping hand for the digital marketing experts which allows them to perform various marketing activities in the right manner and enhance the rankings of the website of an organization. So, if you need to do some creative stuff with your website that can do magic of turning more conversions, these are some SEO friendly WordPress themes listed above from which you can choose to design your website. Else you can simply use it for modifications with the WordPress theme development process making the most of your business when it lands into the online world. All the best!

Author Bio

Ravi Sharma, the founder of the renowned organization, Webomaze, is a dedicated and diligent entrepreneur who has a profound knowledge about the latest WordPress theme development and has incorporated these themes to the design of websites of various organizations to make it more SEO-friendly and user-interactive. He has proved his mettle in the field of web design through his constant arduous efforts, hard work and determination. Besides this, he is an adventurous person who loves to explore different places.

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It has been seen that the popularity of WordPress is on a rapid rise and is considered as the best content management system. But still, there is a huge population who does not know that the WordPress platform is basically designed for blogging purpose.

But do you know why it is popular and is recommended the most?

WordPress platform is not only user-friendly but also serves the SEO needs very effectively which makes it SEO-friendly too. As Google has some rules for ranking the websites on search engines, it is very essential to work accordingly no matter which platform you choose.

And if we talk about the ways or methods that can help to boost your site’s rankings then you can find the numerous SEO strategies that can do wonders for your brand.

So, let us move on to some of the best SEO practices that you need to consider while creating any WordPress website design or a blog.

1. Analyze the Audience’s Demographics

Audience's Demographics
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Determining the audience demographics may look like a bit of childish advice but in actual, it is very much essential than any other SEO tactic. In this era of digital marketing, you need to grasp everything about your target audiences like their age, interests, location, and more.

Although these things are quite significant, you need to examine more deeply to know their subjects of interests, what topics they like to read, writing style, gets more engaged with video content or textual format, and more. This will help you better in creating the content of the audience’s needs and will engage them for more than the usual time.

2. Quality Content Will Be The Need

The need for quality content is still and will remain consistent no matter it’s 2019, 2020 or so on. Besides all the important SEO strategies, creating high-quality content plays a crucial role in ranking the website on the top of search results. A website is not a website without the content and even the poor quality content is considered as dead by Google and the audience too.

So, keep your content unique and fresh. Make sure you always use the content which is promising and relevant to business as it will help people connect more to your business. Regular publishing of blogs can help in earning a position on the top of SERPs but don’t compromise over quality. You can make use of SEO-friendly plugins, add the meta descriptions using title tags, keywords, and more. But remember that content must be valuable and relevant to your niche in order to create value of your business before search engines.

3. Execute Strong Keyword Research

Keywords are significant components of both the SEO as well as blog writing which means whether you are going to write a blog or performing the SEO, you have to come up with a powerful keyword strategy for every task. In order to improve your keyword research process, you can simply take help of tools like ahrefs or google keyword planner which will help you find keywords with maximum search volume and least competition. Otherwise, if you need to rank yourself in local search results, you can simply do a deep competition analysis of the niche giants in your area to find the best keywords.

You can also try to incorporate long-tail keywords as they have more chances of getting ranked on the search results. Also, sprinkle some keywords in between the content or in the heading but ensure you don’t do keyword stuffing as it is no more a part of Google’s rules.

4. Optimize URLs

Choosing a relevant domain name for the business is very hectic. Many bloggers are unaware of the importance of the URL while creating a website. Actually, building the SEO-friendly URLs are considered as one of the crucial components for achieving a great user experience and creating links which can add value to your business. Make use of only one keyword in URL and make sure you do not imply the keyword stuffing strategy. Moreover, make sure you create a unique and descriptive URL so that more people could be engaged because of ease of the URL.

5. Build Quality Links

In the year 2019 and coming years, you still need to perform link building. Link building has always remained a significant factor in all the SEO tactics.

Do you know how this process works?

You create high-quality engaging content and the other site shares the link with you. After that, Google checks the credibility of that site and if the site is authoritative then Google will label you with a high-quality profile ranking you on the top of search results. Whereas, if the site is totally irrelevant to your niche then you will only lose your rankings.

6. Focus On Voice Search Optimization

All the researches have clearly shown that most of the online queries are voice-based and this trend will continue to rise in the coming years too. With the availability of various voice assistants like Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and more, people are relying more on them instead of typing their queries. This makes it important for every blogger or website owner to focus on voice search optimization.

One of the best ways is to create highly informative and quality content focusing on 5Ws and 1H – Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How? This is so as most of the queries begin with them so you need to create the content in a precise manner that the needs of the audience are fulfilled and you reach the readers first who are more dependent on voice search.

7. Create A Sitemap

Image credits

As the name suggests, sitemap represents the overall map of your sites such as categories, products, all the site pages, and more. While sitemap is created to help Google crawl the site with ease, it is always recommended to create the sitemap for both the search engines as well as the audience. Sitemap is more of a guidemap which helps search engines understand your website.

Creating a sitemap is another crucial SEO strategy to consider as it helps the readers and search engines also to understand the overall architecture of your blog and avoids losing your content.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, what is most important to remember is that SEO takes time. Additionally, you can create a variety of blog posts or content but it won’t be able to drive the desired traffic until you perform the right optimization techniques or strategies. So, now it’s up to you that either you count on these important SEO strategies discussed for your WordPress blog or go with employing the company that is all in one. It means the company that is proficient in providing the best WordPress customer service along with the effective SEO tactics to boost your brand’s online presence and convert as much as possible leads to potential customers. All the Best!

Author Bio

Ravi Sharma, the founder of WordPress web design agency named Webomaze, is a dedicated entrepreneur who has built his brand with great dedication and enthusiasm. He holds great knowledge of WordPress website generation that can help in promoting the growth of any business through an impactful website. He loves to find adventure by exploring different places.

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There is little so empowering as the thought of being your own boss. You set the priorities. You set the hours. You control your own success. It should come as no surprise, then, that women are increasingly grabbing the bull by the horns and seeking to make their own mark in the business world. According to a 2018 report from American Express, four out of every ten small business owners today are women, up more than 58% since 2007. That trend isn’t slowing.

This surge in entrepreneurship has been heavily facilitated by the digital age. Rapid fire connection and information flow, access to a broader audience, and availability of resources have made it easier, in some respects, to strike out on one’s own. What once might have seemed like a pipe dream for launching one’s own business is now feasible with one person, a computer, and a little bit of gumption. No need to worry about pesky things like employee time tracking or employment contracts… not yet, at least.

women entrepreneur
Image credits

Scaling beyond that one person in front of a computer, however, can be more than a little challenging. The ins and outs of running a business where it’s more than just your paycheck on the line are complex, but, luckily, the same rich digital environment that has opened the doors for many a dreamer also offers a variety of tools that can ease some of those growing pains. 

Not sure where to look? Here are four big ones to help female entrepreneurs get the ball rolling.


For a number of entrepreneurs who originally struck out on their own, the plan was simple: get paid. But once you’ve moved beyond the initial hurdle of making sure there’s money coming into the bank, it’s time to take a step back and start thinking about how best to build your operations to ensure more money is coming in over time in a sustainable fashion. That doesn’t mean you have to have an MBA from Harvard. offers more than 500 free sample business plans that can give you a starting point for plotting your path forward.

Buddy Punch

As a company grows beyond a party of one, there are new complications in the mix. How will employees be compensated? How will their contributions be tracked? In settings featuring contract work, the math is simple; a deliverable gets payment. In some cases, however, you may find yourself in need of reliable hourly support, and, in turn, a tool to help track the hours logged.

That’s where Buddy Punch comes in. Designed by a business owner who had previously been reliant on paper time cards for his multiple storefronts, the software allows a small business owner to centralize and streamline the time tracking functionality of their workforce. Custom pay structures, scheduling, PTO tracking, integrations with platforms like QuickBooks, mobile applications, and even facial recognition options are all included, giving small business owners a powerful, flexible tool for scaling their business and managing their workforce. 


It was one thing when you were operating with clients on an agreement and a handshake, but as your book of business grows, you start hiring new people, and new expenses may come into play, another important and often expensive element of running your business will be the legal side of things. In some cases, hiring an attorney to get things 100% bulletproof is the only real option. In other cases, however, it might not be necessary or immediately feasible.

Docracy can help fill the void. An open source treasure trove of enforceable legal agreements of all sorts, you’ll be able to find examples of almost any kind of contract you might need during the course of running your business, easily modified to suit your purposes. It’s community driven, with transparent sourcing and social proof available to help you best understand the applications of the contracts in question. While you’ll likely want to have an attorney take a look at documents resulting from your digging here, it’s a low resource starting point that can help protect you during lean growth periods. 


When first starting a business, you might not have a million people to keep in touch with at once. Over time (hopefully), that changes. As your prospect and client lists grow, your contact list will likely no longer be adequate to manage communications, and will certainly fall short in terms of facilitating a robust marketing or communications strategy. 

MailChimp is a great solution at this point in the business growth cycle. Each month you’ll be able to send up to 12,000 total emails to 2,000 subscribers for free! Paid accounts increase the amount of emails and subscribers you can tap and unlock additional features. The easy to use interface, template design options, and actionable reporting make MailChimp a favorite among even larger brands, but it’s distinctly beneficial for a small business that needs more than an inbox to get the job done but doesn’t quite need to pay for a full blown CRM yet.

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There’s no shortage of good TV out there right now. On top of that, there’s been a surge in great shows made by and for women– and a lot of them happen to be coming out of the UK.

Here are five shows that we recommend checking out when you get sick of watching the same tired macho movies!

women watching show

Killing Eve

The second season of Killing Eve picks up where we left off: right after Eve stabs Vilanelle in the stomach, making their complicated relationship just a little bit more complicated. The show stars Sandra Oh as Eve, a British intelligence investigator obsessed with capturing a psychopathic assassin, Vilanelle. The second season has a new showrunner, Emerald Fennell, and premiered in April; we watch the consequences as Eve and Villanelle are pushed closer together than ever before. The show, based on the Villanelle novel series, has received critical acclaim and awards for both seasons.

Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack is set in Halifax in 1832, and follows the life of Anne Lister, a manorial lord who was essentially the first modern out lesbian. By turns wacky and tender, the show follows Lister (“Gentleman Jack” was her nickname around town) as she sets her inherited estate in Shibden to rights. She faces down skepticism of her abilities with practical-minded ruthlessness, the same clear-eyed sureness that she brings to her romantic life. In bed with her lover Mrs. Lawton, she declares “I thoroughly intend to live with someone I love.” The problem, of course, is that there are precious few gay women in 19th century Halifax who are that brave.

It’s a striking look into the real experience and struggles of a woman who wasn’t trying to be a symbol of anything– she was just trying to live the life she wanted.


Show creator Phoebe Waller-Brdige writes and stars as the protagonist in this show about an angry, confused, and sexually voracious young woman living in London. The show is known for breaking the fourth wall, when the lead character– who is never named– turns to the camera and speaks directly to the audience. The show is adapted from Waller-Bridge’s 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe one-woman play of the same name, which won the Fringe First Award. Both series have received rave reviews from television critics, hailed as viciously funny, touching, and warped. Not to be missed.

Our Girl

A British military drama series created by Tony Grounds, Our Girl first began by following Molly Dawes (Lacey Turner), a young woman from a working-class background who joined the Britih Army after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Series 2 and 3 followed Corporal Georgie Lane as she was dispatched around the world– Kenya, Nepal, Afghanstan, Belize– and faced danger and forms relationships to the people she fights alongside. Series 4 will premiere this year, and will continue to focus on Georgie’s story.

Doctor Who

Even if you’ve never seen Doctor Who, you’ve probably heard of it. The science fiction show has been produced by the BBC since 1963, and has always cycled through different actors to play the lead. Now, though, for the first time, the Doctor is a woman.

The show depicts the adventures of a Time Lord, “the Doctor,” who explored the universe in a time-travelling space ship that looks like a blue British police box. The Doctor battles various foes and works to save civilisations and help people in trouble, often getting into situations that play mischief with the historical record. Jodie Whittaker has been playing the Doctor since last year, bringing wit, warmth, and a bit of gender parity to the show at last.


Watching from outside the UK? No problem– you can still watch these BBC shows for free. You just need to download a VPN and connect to a server in the UK! Then log on to the iPlayer, picking any English zip code you like.

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SEO has become the industry leader if we talk about brand’s visibility and growth. And when it comes to CMS then no other platform can compete the WordPress. According to the facts, 29% of the websites are designed using the WordPress platform. All in all, right out of the box, WordPress site covers all the SEO basics.

That’s why incorporating the WordPress SEO practices are crucial as these can take your business to the next level. Moreover, WordPress helps you get complete control on your website because it is an open source platform where you can seek any assistance from users around the world making your website perfect for conversion goals.

Also, WordPress brings you huge support on website optimization for SEO with the precise use of plugins that can help with speed as well as on-page factors that are essential for effective results on SERPs.

So, if you truly want to place your website on the top of the search results, you have to master some important SEO practices. Let us share some tips with you that can make sure your content and site both are optimized for SEO and better Google rankings in 2019.

1. Focus On Keyword Research

Keyword Research
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Those days are gone when keyword stuffing was one of the SEO factors liable for site rankings. But the fact is that the keyword is still one of the important SEO factors. All the search engines including Google, Yahoo rely on keywords to position the websites on search results. This means you need to carry out intelligent keyword research.

Now the question arises how you will perform the keyword research?

Google Adwords Key Planner is a tool that can help you examine the competitiveness of your targeted keywords as well generate other keyword alternatives too.

Another crucial thing while searching the keywords is to think of long-tail keywords. Create the blog title or meta titles using long-tail keywords. It is a fact that SEO takes time to deliver the desired results but sprinkling some keywords in the body of content also makes a difference to your site’s rankings. Overall, SEO is a long-term process that can last for many years if implemented effectively.

2. Incorporate SEO-Ready WordPress Themes & Dedicated Plugins

Picking up the perfect theme for Website designing is not enough as themes and plugins that are SEO-friendly also play a crucial role in overall positioning of the site on search engines. Let us tell you some vital things that you should consider when picking the themes or plugins for your WordPress website.

Firstly, the theme you pick should be structured. If the structure of themes has covered all the place then it can give rise to many problems with not only your SEO but with the website’s design too. The theme must support the appropriate content requirements like heading tags, social media sharing, and more.

If your theme isn’t featured enough then don’t worry as you can further add the SEO plugins to make the site more responsive and appealing.

3. SEO King – Content Matters

Besides being one of the greatest SEO factors, content is highly valuable and is the life of your WordPress website design. No website is considered as a website without the content. Even the poor-quality content is dead for both Google as well as the audience.

All the search engines make use of special crawlers to index your content. So, try to create fresh and unique content meeting the user intent and the one that the search engines also follow. Moreover, if you follow this approach then it would likely to happen that the readers will follow and share your content with their near and dear ones.

Google is in love with blogs and more with those updated regularly. So, keep your content and blog section updated all the time. Keep posting the blogs or other content often to earn rankings in the SERPs.

Ultimately, keep in mind, you are writing for the users, not for the search engines.

4. Design Mobile-Friendly Website

Do you know what does Mobile-friendly website means?

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly then you will have to experience worse rankings on SERPs. But if it is so then users will tend to spend more time on your website and this will further decrease the bounce rate of your site and increase the CTR.

So, design the responsive websites that are easy to navigate and does not irritate the users with low-quality resolutions or slow loading speed.

5. Improve Website Loading Speed

If your website takes several minutes to load then you’ll surely lose your site’s credibility and ranking on the SERPs. Slow loading of webpages or site leads to bounce rate and decrease in traffic.

You can use tools such as Google Page Insights that helps to keep a check on your site’s loading performance and provide you the recommendations that Google has for you to improve your site’s speed.

Overall, your brand’s site speed is a crucial factor that makes it compulsory for you to keep a check on your site and perform the key measures to make it faster.

6. Get Some Backlinks

No matter what are marketers or SEO experts say, link building is one of the vital WordPress SEO practices that can’t be overlooked. Don’t know how link building works? You create quality content and other websites share the backlink with you. If you are posting your content on highly authoritative websites then there are chances that your profile would rank high on the SERPs.

So, try to accept the links from only the high-quality websites that can add value to your site and can generate the desired traffic. Create some good content that earns the links automatically and makes use of anchor text in your links.

7. Optimize Your Site For Local SEO

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Local SEO is just great for your Business. All you need to do is target the keywords along with the use of area/city name. For instance, you can add the location to your titles, descriptions, alt tags, and URL. Moreover, updating your GMB Page is also very crucial. So, update it with relevant information like name, address, phone number, and much more. Moreover, you should aim for producing high quality links and citations for your business by registering your business on influential online resources. Everything is free so what are you waiting for?

The Closing Words

If you can relate the web with the physical world, it is more of a market and those who would have better marketing skills tend to see the better sales either it is about products or services. In a similar fashion, a website built on wordpress can be worked for SEO in order to be the preferred choice of customers who are willing to engage with your niche.

Don’t forget that WordPress SEO is a long-term process. All you need is to implement these practices and give them some time to show you the expected results. Keeping yourself updated with the often changing Google algorithms is also necessary to improve your SEO and overall results. However, if you want to employ an agency that offers responsive website design services along with satisfactory WordPress customer service then start researching on the Internet and move one step forward towards your business goals. Good Luck!

Author Bio: Ravi Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO of Webomaze is an energetic entrepreneur and web development enthusiast who helps various businesses worldwide in achieving a better online presence through responsive WordPress design development services. He is a traveller and loves to explore new places. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated about his posts on the latest industry trends.

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Dating can be difficult, but it can also be fun and lead to a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. When you meet the perfect person that compliments you in every day, it’s important to find ways to fit them into your life. Your partner may have been married before and is looking to get back into the dating scene to develop a long-lasting relationship. Dating a single mother can be more difficult than the average dating situation as they have children who are their top priority. While it may seem hard at first, this woman could be the woman of your dreams, so it’s important to work with them and develop a meaningful relationship for years to come. Dating a single mother may seem more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you follow these tips.

Be Flexible

It’s important to remember that single mothers have to juggle a lot at once with no one to share her responsibilities. She may have to cancel plans at the last minute for emergencies that relate to her children. Some single mothers may not be able to plan ahead of time because they have to make sure they are available for their children when they need them. While every dating situation is going to be different, you’ll have to work with each other to coordinate schedules and stay open to ever-changing plans.

Be Understanding

You’ll have to understand her priorities. When dating someone, you want to be their top priority at all times, but under normal circumstances, this isn’t always the case. With a single mother, you’ll have to be content that you are not always her top priority. Her life is busy with children and priorities that you may not have, so it’s crucial that you are understanding to her needs and can support her. Communication will be key here as you’ll have to clearly discuss your own needs in the relationship so that you can together form a bond that will keep you committed for years to come.

Have “The Talk”

dating talk
Image credits:  Photo by from Pexels

Single mothers have done the dating game before. They’ll want to know you’re in it for the long run before introducing you to her children or deciding to spend her valuable time with you. While she may not be considering marriage right off the bat, it’s important to discuss what page you’re on so that you can consider your future together. You’ll save yourselves both a lot of time and heartache by having this talk early so you know what to expect from one another.

Expect Involvement with Children

If a woman chooses to introduce you to her children, she has considered a long relationship with you. When you do finally meet the children, realize that she has chosen to introduce you to the most important part of her life. Throughout the relationship, you’ll have to expect to see the children a lot and eventually become a parent figure to them. Whether you have experience with children or not, you’ll learn a lot by just watching her and you can take some of the pressure off of her by helping with small tasks. It will be vital to develop a relationship with the kids, so if there is apprehension at the beginning, discuss it with your partner and how you can improve. When you first start dating and meeting the children, let mom discipline the children her own way. All parenting techniques are different, so your idea of something may upset the delicate child-parent relationship.

Be Patient

This may go along with flexibility, but patience is a must in any relationship. There’s a lot of stress that comes with being a mother, so she’ll appreciate your patience with her schedule and that of her children. You’ll always be working around the schedule of her children, so patience is a must. You should practice patience regularly and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Remember that it’s possible she’s operating at a high level of stress, so if you need to communicate about something important, wait until the right moment before putting any more stress on a certain situation.

Trust your Gut

Sometimes friends and family aren’t supportive of you dating a single mother for a variety of reasons. While many people may have their doubts, so let yourself be one of them. If you have strong feelings for your partner, you may have to compromise to make it work. That’s normal in any relationship, so if you find yourself making most of the compromises, communicate with your partner to see how you can remedy the situation.

Communication is Key

Communication is key to any successful relationship. Not only should you be able to communicate when you need to, but you should also be able to listen when she needs you to. An effective communication method is to practice active listening that allows you to listen to one another and respond after they have finished airing their grievances. This will help you form a strong, long-lasting bond with one another.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

Planning a party is an art form. Sure, you could haphazardly throw something together at the last minute. But where’s the fun in that? The best parties are meticulously crafted from the ground up, with every little detail taken into account. But if you’re planning a huge, important party for the first time, it might feel a little daunting.

Don’t fear. As long as you keep a few important things in mind, your party should be a massive success. These five factors are important with any event – whether you’re throwing a birthday bash, an anniversary party, a congratulatory party, or any other gathering. Check these things off your list as you plan your party, and you’ll be left with something truly memorable.

1. Pick The Right Location

Location is everything! The first thing you need to think about when you plan your party is where it’s going to take place. Your choice of location impacts the rest of the planning process. There are plenty of amazing potential locations available, from hotels to community centers or even your own home.

Renting out a specialized space might be a little more expensive, but certain venues might provide features and services you won’t get from home. Then again, you’ll have total control over your party if you choose your own house. Hotels and other locations might have certain policies and rules that limit your parties.

2. Choose Great Food

party food
Image credits: Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

It doesn’t matter what kind of party you’re throwing, food is always important. A party without food is bound to turn sour pretty quickly, and that’s why you need to spend a lot of time thinking about possible snacks and treats way beforehand. People love parties with great food, even it’s relatively dull otherwise!

There are many different options when it comes to food. You could choose to cook and prepare everything yourself, but that’s definitely a lot of work. If you have a lot of people attending your party, you might want to pick an amazing catering company. This makes your life a lot easier in the long run. There are plenty of great catering companies out there, but we’re big fans of Flavours Catering, which operates out of Sydney. Even if you only have a handful of guests attending your party, catering makes providing food easily.

3. Provide Some Form Of Entertainment

Even if your guests are known for their incredible conversation skills, you can only stand around talking for so long before it gets boring. That’s why it’s always a good idea to organize some form of entertainment. It could be something as small as a board game, a round of charades, or the mobile game known as Heads Up!

On the other hand, you might choose to “go big” and organize some more impressive entertainment. You could hire a magician or some other type of performer. You might choose to hire a karaoke machine for the night. Maybe you’ll buy some fireworks and surprise everyone with a midnight light show. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this step, because it really makes a difference in the long run.

4. Create A Theme

Creating an interesting theme is another great way to make your party unforgettable. Maybe you’ll make your party a fancy dress party. Or perhaps it’ll be a “Masquerade” party, where everyone wears masks. You can get seriously crazy with these themes. Disco parties are always fun, as are retro-themed parties from a particular decade or era.

Your theme really depends on how conservative you want your party to be. Some of the more ridiculous themes are not suitable for more “proper” parties, such as a retirement party or a congratulations party. But if you’re just planning a party for the sole purpose of having fun, a theme really helps people relax and enjoy themselves.

5. Have A Backup Plan

The last thing to keep in mind is probably one of the most important things about planning a party – and it’s also something that people tend to forget about. Always have a backup plan! Parties have a tendency to go completely wrong and fall apart, no matter how much time you spend planning them. Your entertainment might fall through, leaving everyone standing around awkwardly. The venue could suddenly turn around and refuse to host your party.

That’s why it’s always important to have a “plan B” when things go wrong. Think about what you might do if your plans fall through. Is there a bar or nightclub nearby that you could all go to if there’s no other option? Maybe there’s a fun restaurant that could “save” the night from complete failure. Your plan B doesn’t have to be crazy, it just needs to exist. Keep this in the back of your mind as you plan your party – especially if your event involves some pretty extensive and challenging features.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Matan Segev from Pexels

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We all are searching for that ‘one of a kind love.’  It is the air we long to inhale and the touch we wishing to feel. But what does this ‘selfless’ emotion look like?  What does is act like? And most importantly, what does the ‘real deal’ feel like?  It is no wonder we are confused and exhausted. Somewhere, between crazy families and unrealistic marketing schemes, love gets cheapened and shallow. It is this twisting and turning of those messages that makes us feel dizzy with desperation.  We are clueless about the songs we scream out alone in the car and the movies that bring us to tears even after seeing it twenty times. We are, nonetheless, sure of one thing; we desire to experience a selfless love.

The good news is that selfless love does exist. Now, mind you, it doesn’t happen often between two adults; but when it does, the world lites up and angels themselves bow low jealous of their union.  As humans here to learn about love, these are the core behaviors that make up magical, romantic, and lifelong selfless love.

Allowing Truthfulness

Selfless love permits one another to openly and safely present our fears, flaws, and history without judgment Lovers with selfless motivations are compassionate listening soulfully to  These actions provide a space for healing and growth which bonds and nurtures the relationship with self and our beloved..

Counselor’s tip:  It is the lies we tell about both ourselves and others that create dis-ease.  What goes in, must come out for a healthy lifestyle.

The gift selfless loves gives is ‘healing’.

Image credits: Photo by Derick Santos from Pexels

Allowing Separateness

Although it is an often unspoken belief that our partner is there to complete us. This intense pressure to fulfill another’s dreams quickly becomes a never ending  nightmare.  No one can or should be burdened, yes burdened, to save another. Selfless lovers do their own emotional work This kind of love is the greatest gift another can give to help others find their life’s avocation and passions.

Counselor’s Tip: Poor boundaries blur the lines of individuality stifling independence, personal growth. In extreme doses, this relationships grows into an ugly relationship we label, co dependence.

The gift selfless love gives is ‘self worth’.

Allowing Choice

To allow another to choose how they want to spend their days, their months, their weeks without dogmatic corrections gives selfless love an ‘A plus.’  As humans we both need a nest as well as wings.  Selfless love provides both.  Be sure with this kind of positive support, they will come home to nest where safety fills them with the courage to start again tomorrow.

Counselor’s Tip:  Giving space to become, fall, get up, and explore is the vitality that is a catalyst for dreams that do come true.

The gift selfless love gives is ‘self-actualization’.

Selfless love is authentic and gives someone the God like love we earn for.  For some, we do find heaven in the eyes of another.  This is magic.  This is eternal.  This is bliss.

We pray for love.  We cry for love. We die for lack of love. However, we have little actual education for this non tangible emotion that is both a biological and spiritual need for our species. We wonder, “What exactly does healthy love look like?”  “How do we separate ourselves yet remain connected?” “How much do we give?”  “How much do we take?” True Love, the one of a kind love we all desire and deserve, is liberating not constrictive. Although general compromises are a part of healthy love, no one should be denied the freedom to grow spiritually, mentally or physically because of someone else’s issues.  So before you martyr yourself doing any thing to stay in a relationship, consider these unholy compromises and the cost to your bliss and purpose in life.

Compromise of the Soul

Someone that really gets you sees the beauty of your soul and is there to assist in its mission.  Whether your passion is to serve others or learn about yourself, your life force should NEVER be suppressed.  Those who respect your soul’s adventures will enjoy watching you evolve and  even when you make mistakes, are there by your side with a hankie. Sometimes, the face of your true love is there to positively contribute to your spiritual transformation with an open hand.  Anyone that inhibits your journey or creates roadblocks to continuing your path of self-discovery no matter what they label it, is unworthy to be in the presence of the beauty of your eternal self.

Effect:  To deny the soul and its desire to utilize this life time to live passionately is the precursor to eventual physical and mental illness.

Compromise of the Mind

I’ve heard those in love swoon, “I love their mind. They are so utterly fascinating to talk with.  I could listen to them forever.” The mind joins the soul with our earthly personality in an orchestrated dance. It is in the cognitive and subconscious mind that we store information about the past, access pathways to healing, and create plans for the future. Those who make negative comments about your thoughts or feelings serve to shut you down that are meant to be experienced and explored.  Shame on them!

Often our past requires assistance in terms of mental health therapy.  At other moments, the mind needs to be still and rest.  Some times visions and ideas zoom in at record speed. One of the most magical miracles of the mind is the ability to create and manifest innovative ideas. What a crime it would be to diminish the gifts your mind has to offer the world at the fearful whims of another.

Effect: To dissuade the process of the mind has the capacity to take away vision.  Without vision, life seems worthless.

Compromise of the Body

Compromise of the Body
Image credits: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The body is the temple of which houses the soul allowing it physical space to collaborate with the mind.  Parents who abuse their children stunt and damage the conscious personality so that adversely hinders the ability connect with the soul. The goals of their life is masked with sorrow and heartache.  As they continue throughout life they grow to permitting others to jeopardize their physical health based on early childhood experiences. Unsafe sex, drug use, physical abuse, assaults, damages the temple.  Without the body it is impossible for the soul and mind to accomplish their mission.

Effect: To deny the right of the body to be itself manifests all sorts of malady.  Some of those included but are not limited to body issues, various addictions, cutting, sexual promiscuity, suicide.

Counselor’s Tip:

 Love is the door that has the capacity to lead one to experience either heaven or hell on earth.  Choose wisely dear heart.

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More About the Author
April holds a Masters degrees in both school and community mental health counseling. After twenty-five years working as an educator, she is now a certified Licensed Professional Counselor working with those who have experienced emotional abuse, divorce, molestation, and addiction. April is the author of, Working My Way Back To Me, sharing the story of her #MeToo focusing on the transformation from #MeToo into #NowME.  She shares the a process of Life with Love; Let it Happen which helps patients heal and rebuild their lives after pain and is involved in Post Modern Bomb Shells She is available for book readings, keynote speaking, and coaching.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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