Project: Bench Fold Kitchen Card

Wow, how amazing is this 3-D kitchen card?! Designed by Tanya  de Roy this bench fold card style would work not only as a kitchen scene but a work bench for a masculine card, craft desk for a stamper or any other type of work surface. She’s sharing project directions over on Splitcoast Stampers, click to check it out.


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Tutorial and pattern: Simple felt dinosaur softies

Sew a set of simple felt dinosaur softies that kids are sure to love.  Helen from Bustle and Sew shares a free pattern and tutorial!  They’re made with appliqued dinosaur shapes with details stitched with machine or by hand.  The dinosaur designs work well for boys and girls, and the simple stuffed shapes are easy for young hands to hold.

Click below for the free pattern and tutorial:

Simple Dinosaur Softies – A Free Pattern, by Bustle and Sew

[photo from Bustle and Sew]

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Forget everything you learnt in school and step into Instagram instead. Not the best life advice, but there you have it: the reason I decided to try slugging. It went a little something like this: “Hmmm… slugging… it must have something to do with snails… No Dani, no. No-one puts snails on their faces. It must be more lateral than that.”

First, allow me to tell you that since Ancient Greece lots of people have put snail mucus on their faces – it is absolutely bang-up loaded with good stuff – but this is not about them. It’s also not about the sluggers who rub Vaseline all over their naked bodies and then slide around like a slug on the kitchen tiles, but you’re getting warmer. Korea – uncontested spiritual home of the edgiest and most interesting beauty trends to fall into the mainstream over the past years – has taken the idea to faces.

As the self-appointed Driest Skin On The WH Team Queen, it was up to me to lead The Slugging Way… That evening, after a shower and my regular moisturising night-time routine, I plunged my fingers into a tub of Vaseline and smeared it all over my face. Shiny and snail-like, yes, but petroleum jelly is an occlusive, which means that it forms a barrier on the skin that prevents moisture loss. The theory is that the Vaseline layer locks in all the good stuff of your evening beauty ritual while also soaking into your skin, leaving you suuuuuuuuper plumped by morning.

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It’s a routine for the perennially single or deeply happily married. Despite not being able to snap a selfie with any kind of glistening mirror-like reflection, you are a shiny beast once coated in Vase. And you stay a shiny beast. But it didn’t feel nearly as gloopy as I imagined it to be – and my pillowcase survived the night. My skin did feel pretty good the next morning, but again, it’s winter and I am dry like the Sahara Desert in the blazing mid-summer.

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Petroleum jelly is comedogenic, which is fancy speak for being something of a pore-clogger and thus not something I’d recommend for anyone with oily skin or prone to breakouts… You’re likely to be a hot mess by sunrise but, for me, I liked it. To test the theory with less gloop – don’t tell Korea – I tried it the following night with a thinner consistency, using Epizone E Ointment to seal in the good stuff. And that was a winner!

Guess that could make me a slugger. Better clear the kitchen floor.

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We live in a world that awards undue and arbitrary importance to the size of a man’s penis.

“I think if you ask your average person what they think the average penis size is, they’d probably tell you something like 15, 16.5, or even 18 [cm],” Vanessa Marin, a licensed sex therapist, tells “This is something that there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation about. The average penis size is around 13 to 14cm [erect].”

As such, it’s often difficult to dislodge a sense of genital insecurity from a modestly-endowed man’s mind.

It bears noting that women don’t even care much: A survey found 89 percent were unconcerned about their partner’s package size.

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That’s probably because most women know that penis size really isn’t the determining factor in sexual pleasure. It’s really about finding the right O-inducing position or move.

Still, if your dude seems concerned about slippage — or you’ve experienced that IRL, here are six positions that are sure to satisfy:

Knees To Chest

Any position where the woman is on her back and her legs are in the air works well for a smaller penis, Marin says. So, lie back and pull your thighs to your chest while your partner positions himself over you. Drape your legs over his shoulders for entry, positioning them on either side of his neck, or even over one shoulder.

“If she crosses her legs at the ankles and rests those on his chest, that can work well because, again, it just creates a tighter fit,” Marin explains.

Man’s Best Friend

“Doggy style can work pretty well” for a more modest package, Marin advises. To assume the position, kneel on all fours and have your guy get on his knees behind you, or stand behind you while you kneel on the mattress. Controlled motions are key when it comes to smaller members and doggy style, according to Marin: “Have the guy focus more on the depth of his penetration rather than trying to pull all the way out, because doggy style can lead to slippage.” Bonus: From this position, he has easy access to your clit.

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Face Off

Any position that has the two of you chest-to-chest and crotch-to-crotch, like this one, could work “really, really well,” Marin says. To achieve this one, have your guy sit on the edge of a bed or stable surface and straddle him, grinding against him while seated in his lap. Not only is grinding a surer bet for keeping his penis in place, it should give you some clitoral stimulation as well.


“Woman-on-top positions can be good because they lead to a lot of deep penetration,” Marin notes, adding that some smaller guys may feel a little anxious about slippage when they’re not in control of the motion. If your partner has a hard time focusing on anything but keeping his penis inside you when you’re on top, maybe try grinding or stirring motions rather than pumping up and down.

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Similarly to the knees-to-chest position, the seashell works well because it allows for super close contact — and your partner can grind or move in a circular motion, rather than thrust. Lying on your back, curl your pelvis up and your legs back towards your shoulders, spreading them in a V. Have him enter you straight down, and if you can, narrow the space between your legs for a tighter fit. Or, depending on your flexibility, move both to one side of his collar bone.

Upstanding Citizen

“If you have a high bed or maybe a table or a countertop that’s safe for having sex on,” Marin advises, try having sex with your partner standing in front of you, while you lie back on your surface of choice. It’ll align your pelvis and give him more control, and you can also cross your ankles over one of his shoulders for a more snug sensation.

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You’ve been working out a ton and are convinced this is going to be the week that the number on the scale is finally where you want it to be. And then… nope. Womp womp.

Put away that sad trombone — with a few simple changes to your normal routine, you can finally start to see results. In fact, changing it up is basically the secret sauce for making progress — whether you want to lose weight or just get strong AF.

“Your body adapts to your workout, so it’s important to tweak your normal routine so you continue to get the most out of it,” explains strength and conditioning specialist Noam Tamir. Here, some of his favourite ways to switch up your workout if your goal is weight loss.

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1. Warm Up (But Really Tho) For Weight Loss

If you jump into your workout without prepping your body first, well, you’re a normal human being. But you won’t be able to perform as optimally (read: burn as many kilojoules), says Tamir — that’s why it’s crucial to begin with a good warm-up.

“Start with a couple of mobility moves, like hip-opener drills, ankle drills, leg swings and neck nods,” recommends Tamir. “All of these will help get the synovial fluid — the fluid inside of your joints — moving, which will help with your mobility overall.”

He also recommends paying some attention to your glutes, which are the biggest muscle in your body — and should be activated before any workout for max results. His activation moves of choice: single-leg bridges, lateral band walks and deadbugs. “If you do just a couple of these moves before you begin, your workout will be much more effective.”

2. Work Interval Training Into Your Cardio Routine

“Interval training helps you burn more kilojoules than you do when you’re exercising in a steady state,” explains Tamir. So if you’re a treadmill junkie, sprint for 30 seconds and then walk for 30 — and keep alternating that routine. You can try a similar technique on a bike or an elliptical — basically while doing any form of cardio. “You’ll be working harder when you’re going faster, which will spike your heart rate, and ultimately help you get more from your workout overall,” says Tamir.

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3. Focus On Compound Movements

Many of the machines at the gym target one specific muscle group, but if you’re focused on weight loss, your best bet for weight training is to opt for moves that use multiple muscle groups at once. “An example of this would be a squat versus a leg-extension machine,” explains Tamir. “You’re using more muscles overall, which ultimately means you’ll end up burning more kilojoules.”

4. Lift More Weight

Because — you guessed it — you’ll end up burning more kilojoules.“For your upper body, try increasing the weight you’re using by five to 10 percent each week,” says Tamir. “And for your lower body, increase the weight by 10 to 15 percent each week.”

So if you’re lifting five kilos, try increasing the weight by about about half a kilo for your upper body, and about one kilogram for your lower body (depending on the weights you have; it doesn’t have to be exact).

And if you currently do only bodyweight stuff, start using weights. “The key is to choose a weight where you’ll still be able to do your moves with clean form.” (Because going too big and getting injured definitely won’t help you get in better shape.)

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5. Refuel And Rehydrate

“If you don’t do this, your body won’t get the optimal muscle gain from your workout, which will limit the amount of kilojoules you burn in the long run,” says Tami. In addition to drinking lots of water, he recommends having protein post-workout — something like chocolate milk is great.

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