Recently Android users were put on alert about multiple dangerous apps on Google Play Store that can steal your bank details and clean out your account. Security experts from ESET, a tech security firm, uncovered a long list of dangerous apps. While all the apps are no longer available on Google Play store, roughly 30,000 people have them installed on their mobile devices.

Dangerous Apps

There is a huge variety of great apps to choose from for your smartphone which are legitimate and can be a great addition to your phone. Unfortunately, however, there are also many third-party apps out there which pose as a security risk. It can be hard to tell which third-party apps are dangerous and which are not. It’s a good idea to check reviews, research the app and use antivirus software to scan the apps before you open them.

Trojan Security Threat

cyber attack for mobile phone

According to ESET, these apps are sophisticated, target banking applications on your phone after it’s installed, unlike apps that impersonate legitimate banks. ESET discovered this malicious software was disguised as battery managers, device cleaners and horoscope apps on Google Play Store.

It was a complex malware campaign that relied on stealth. Where past malware apps used fake login screens, these group of apps allowed hackers to send and receive texts on a device where any of the above-listed apps were downloaded. This allowed them to bypass multifactor authentication, the protocol that protected internet banking data on mobile devices.

Once in, the hackers downloaded additional apps of their choice to impersonate the user. The ability to receive and send text from a user’s device gave them access to a user’s web accounts. They could implicate social media accounts logged in on the compromised device.

How does the app work?

Once you launch the app, an error message comes up on your screen. It claims the app was removed because it was incompatible with your device. Sometimes it functions normally or hides from view. The app can then access your device and steal sensitive information like your banking details. It’s for this reason it can be helpful to use a banking service which comes with an app, like B, so that you can easily track your spending and spot if there is anything amiss quickly.

Staying safe

ESET advised Android users on how to stay safe.  These banking Trojans are not using advanced tricks on affected devices. If you suspect that you have one or more of these apps on your phone, simply uninstall them using the Application Manager feature under the Settings function of your device.

Android users are also advised to change their online banking passwords and social media account passwords. Obtain a statement of account from your bank to check for fraudulent activities.


In the future, check app ratings, the number of downloads and read reviews before downloading an app. Check what permissions you grant an app before installation. Do not download third-party apps from outside Google’s Play store.

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In many aspects of the business world it’s quite necessary to find different ways to make running your business hassle free and stress free. Many women already find owning a business a bit more challenging with such high expectations that are present in this competitive world. Part of owning a business means staying organized, and keeping up with the high demands of your customer’s needs. However, in this day and age, women are just as successful as their male counterparts are at running a business.

With that being said, your business that provides services or goods requires an effective way of sending invoices to your customers. While the task of sending invoices to your customers can be quite repetitive, it’s something that needs to be done so that you can continue to earn money from your customers. There are different ways that one can go about sending invoices out to their clients; one of the easiest ways to get the job done is with the use of a free invoice template.

Invoice Home specializes in providing invoice templates that have designs and features related to various different types of businesses. So whether you are a woman who owns a Bakery shop, Beauty Supply Company, or an Accountant business, you can be certain that you will find creative invoice templates that suit your business needs at Invoice Home.

Convenient for your customers

Invoice Home

Quality customer service and consistency will be better for your business with the use of invoice templates. You as a business owner aren’t the only one that will benefit from this, but the use of invoice templates is also an easy and convenient option for your customers. Customers want to be able to get what they want with ease and peace of mind as well.

You can be certain that you will stay accurate and detailed with your invoices that will be easy for customers to understand. While the template designs are different, the layout for invoices is the same. It’s short, sweet, and gets straight to the point so that your customers will have a clear understanding of the final price of the service or product that they are buying from you.

Starting on your template

Upon visiting Invoice Home, you will be able to easily navigate the website and choose the invoice template that best suits your company. There are 100 different templates available for you to choose from, with different types of logos that you can add to your template of choice.

When you choose an invoice that fits the service or products that you offer to your clients, it gives your company a nice, classy, professional touch. Invoice templates also make it easier to send your invoices to your customers much faster than older methods of sending invoices. This makes it easier for some business women who have a very tight schedule for meeting deadlines and other daily demands.

When visiting Invoice Home to create your template for your business, you will find that the website is quite easy and straight to the point to navigate. All you need to do is click on “Create an Invoice”, and you will then be taken to a page that shows the layout of the basic invoice template. Here is where all of the fun begins.

From there you will enter all of the appropriate information that you need to add to your template for your business. On the right hand column you will see a button that you can click on to browse a logo category. You will find that there are logos for various different types of businesses to choose from so you should be able to choose a logo that suits your company. There are four different categories that you can choose from when it comes to picking the type of logo that you want on your free invoice template. You can choose from Clipart, People, Jobs, and uploading your own personal logo. It’s pretty simple to do.

You can also choose between two different options of invoice forms, Basic and Advanced. Choose the one that best suits your business needs.

Save time and money with free Invoice templates

Creating your own invoices from scratch can take a lot more time that you might not have with such a time crunch in your schedule of daily tasks. So when you really think about it, it’s not a bad idea at all to use a site like Invoice Home that has templates already prepared for you to customize. Although you might not mind creating your templates from scratch, just think about how much more productive you can be if you use a template and just easily add the info into the template that you need for receiving your payments.

Incorporating Invoices with Accounting Software

Accounting Software

Utilizing an accounting software along with your invoice template can make handling your payment matters even easier. This is especially true for small businesses that are just getting started and don’t quite have the resources for a personal accountant. Even if your business is small, it still most likely requires a very repetitive and routine schedule of billing and payments. It is quite crucial for you to incorporate your accounting software with your invoice templates so that you can continue to stay current and up to date with your statements for record keeping, as well as for tax purposes later on.

The more that you are able to incorporate automated repetitive practices in your business with the use of invoice templates, the more you will be able to spend more of your time focusing on your customers and finding more clients to draw in to your business. This is why you should make sure that the use of invoice templates are at the very top of your list for when you are starting up a new business.

It’s nice to know that something that took much more creativity and time to do can now take literally just a few minutes so that you can use more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

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Stay safe from virtual predators by keeping your location safe.

The internet is a vast platform where people from all walk of life interact, access information and run business and institutions. It has closed the geographical distance among different organizations, companies, societies, and individuals.

It is the fastest and most extensive source of entertainment and accessible through any electronic devices with a computing chip from anywhere around the globe.

We use it every day and any time to learn, entertain, interact and even save lives so how does this pose as a threat to your safety? Read on.


As stated earlier, since the internet is a medium through which an unlimited number of people have excess to, it can be vulnerable for your privacy and safety. Many government institutions, business enterprises, hackers, and snoopers have access to your private information and anonymity because of the built-in flaws online, and they can be used without your knowledge or consent.

Protecting Your IP Address

You can prevent potential security and privacy by protecting your I (Internet Protocol) address which is a string of random numbers that identifies a device or computer on a TCP/IP network.

It is the number that your internet provider assigns your computer that allows you to browse anything on the internet irrespective of restrictions and locations. It is like the house number of your computer.

The function of the IP address is to deliver the message or request to the required destination, and you show the receiver about the origin of the request or the message to the target.

While the IP address is the principal route to connect you to the rest of the world, it is also the primary source from which intruders can gain access to your computer as it gives away your approximate location.

So a third party can have access to your public information and geo-locate your approximate location making your web activity traceable and potentially manipulated.

The IP tracking system came under fire when people found that these data were shared or sold to businesses to trigger the response of the customers by using strategies developed by the collective activities of internet users all over the world. This means that your identity is translated to a number and the number of actions you perform on the internet can be used to stimulate the products sold to you, the subjects that interest you and the people you interact with the most.

Networking sites and online companies can also restrict your access to a website solely based on your location. This mean, some information is purposely altered or denied to you because of your position which is given away by your IP address.

Hackers can even break into your computer and hijack your social media accounts and use it to promote illegal activities. If this happens, the IP will give away your location to the police and you could be held accountable for a crime you did not commit.

However, with more awareness of the importance of securing the IP address, any people are turning to VPN. You can protect your web activity with the help of a virtual private network (VPN) which is gaining importance as the world is dependent on the internet now more than ever.

Using a VPN Server


What a VPN is perhaps the most effective tool that you can use to secure your location and private browsing details. It works like a mediator that connects you to a website and sends a proxy IP address instead of your real one. It does the same function of a proxy server but with an encrypted connection that hides your location and the content of your message. It keeps your browsing history private, and any agencies or hackers cannot encrypt it.

There are different versions of VPN that charge minimum fees for yearly protection. There are mobile apps that offer to add double protection with strict No Logs Policy which allows you to block third parties from keeping records of your communication and Kill Switch which automatically prevents accidental leaks of your data. You can use a lightweight browser extension or a full VPN to secure every connection that interacts with your computer. This little effort is worth the security because the only detail that the internet needs is your location to find out about you.

Benefits of using a VPN account

  • Privacy: When you use a VPN to browse online, the places where you visit cannot be linked to you or the computer because the VPN will set up a proxy address. You will be able to access any website as the ISP is blocked from finding your address.
  • Security: VPN protocol are all encrypted and cannot be hacked or readable in transit so whatever you send or received is always between you and the receiver only.
  • Full Website access: Many companies block websites because of the censorship in some locations, but when they cannot find your place, they cannot block your access to any site.
  • Anonymity: When your real IP address is hidden, there is no way accessing to your actual location which makes it inaccessible to find out details of your lifestyle. The constant change in address helps you stay anonymous and protect your identity.
  • You don’t even need to switch your service provider to experience this freedom when you use the internet at home, in your office, or anywhere you go.
  • Getting a VPN does not change the way you use the internet, it just gives you better accessibility and a safer platform.
  • It does not require you to buy new equipment such as a router or a modem.
  • You can easily install the VPN provider on your laptop, phone or PC by yourself without the need to use any external hardware or an expert.
  • All the installation is done online, and the fees are barely $5 per year.

There are many different types of VPN providers that have separate plans on offer depending on the level of security and privacy you want to cover. So choose the best VPN service provider and hide your IP so that you can experience true freedom and avoid being manipulated, hacked, tracked or cheated online.

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It doesn’t matter what you celebrate or who you celebrate with—the holidays are an expensive time of year for everyone. Between giving gifts and making merry, it’s all too easy to overspend and overindulge. If you’re worried about what the festivities will do to your finances, here are some simple tips that can protect your wallet from the busy holidays.

easy shopping tips

1. Make a budget

You should know what you can afford on the holidays before you start preparing for them. A budget performs two essential jobs.

  1. Its ability to account for your money: When you table a budget you have to track your expenses and compare them to your income. This process will show you how much expendable cash you have to put towards non-essential things like the holidays.
  1. Its ability to help you identify savings: In tracking expenses, you’ll be able to notice whether you’re spending your money responsibly. If you aren’t, you might notice patterns in your spending that shows you have a habit of wasting money on takeout, parking fines, and other unnecessary expenses. Once you’ve identified the worst spending habits you’re most likely to commit, you can work on cutting them out to increase your savings for the holidays.

2. Use a list

Pro shoppers always shop for the holidays with a list in hand. Like the budget, it comes with two primary advantages. The first one is how it helps you focus on gifts that work within your budget. When you sit down to make a list, you’re giving yourself the time you need to research ideas that fit within your price range. Far away from pushy salespeople and overwhelming signage, you can search online stores without feeling pressured to buy something. When you take your list with you to the stores, it’s also a great tool that can help you ignore unnecessary last-minute additions to your cart.

3. Start early

There’s no better way to protect your finances from the expense of the holidays than by saving and shopping as early as you can. Any kind of savings benefit from time—not only because you’ll be making more contributions over a longer period of time, but you’ll also earn more interest on anything you do put away.


When you apply the same go-getter attitude to your shopping schedule, you’ll also end up spending less according to a 2012 survey by the American Research Group. Their findings show a person who waits until the last minute will end up spending as much as $250 more than those who start their Christmas shopping early.

4. Disrupt the shopping momentum effect

The shopping momentum effect describes the probability that you’ll continue spending once you make your initial purchase. Psychologists compare it to breaking the seal. Once you get over the idea of spending money and buy something, you’ll feel more comfortable continuing your shopping spree.

Consider how you’re more likely to buy an add-on item you see in line for the till. Though this add-on item is unlikely to be on your list, you can justify purchasing it because you’re already at the cash and spending money.

shopping momentum effectMany people affected by the shopping momentum will continue to shop even if they have to rely on credit to get what they want. Others end up having to get an installment loan when their shopping leaves them unprepared for other bills and necessities during the holidays.

While a convenient solution to emergencies, installment loans should never justify overspending. They’re a special cash advance for when things go wrong; not an excuse to splurge recklessly. To learn more about how and when you should use online installment loans, click here. An installment loan direct lender can help you determine when these online loans are an appropriate addition to your budget.

Next time, before reaching for that credit card, try disrupting the shopping momentum by taking breaks between stores. Sometimes all you need is a breather, so try finding an empty bench to sit and clear your head before you go to the next store.

5. Look but don’t touch

Remember when your mom used to tell you not to touch anything when you went shopping with her? She was worried you would accidentally break something. Now that you’re older—maybe even a parent who parrots the same thing to their child—the rule still applies, but it has another meaning. According to the UCLA, people are more likely to buy something if they’ve held it in their hands. Science proves that handling an item — whether a new dress or pair of sneakers — increases your possessive qualities over the item. Once you pick it up, you’re less likely to put it down.

Luckily, the solution to this one is simple. You should stick to your list and only pick up those things you absolutely need for the holidays. And now that you’re older and improved your impulse control, this is a lot easier than when you were a kid shopping with mom.

Now that you’re shopping for mom and all the other people on your list, your approach to the holidays is a lot different. As the most expensive time of the year, you need to be careful with how you spend your money. The only way you can limit how much they end up costing is by organizing your shopping trip well. When you use a budget, list, and other shopping strategies, you can avoid a holiday hangover that you can’t blame on the eggnog.

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The construction industry is typically fraught with risks, and as such requires a lot of protective equipment so as to minimize any sort of damage or injury. Let us take a quick look at some of the most important workwear items that should be part and parcel of a worker’s daily ensemble.

o   Eye and face protection: With the help of safety glasses as well as face masks

Eye and face protection

The seminal importance of eye protection cannot be stressed enough, due to the fact that anytime a construction worker deals with various potentially dangerous objects (metal, glass, dust, etc.) then there is the off chance that it can easily get into their eyes. If that happens it can cause grievous injuries or even become an irritant that puts them out of work, for the foreseeable future, at the very least. In order to prevent this scenario from actually happening, it is imperative that safety glasses should be worn at all times and if the situation so warrants, then a face shield can also be used, in order to prevent debris and dust from accidentally harming the eyes as well as the face.

o   Foot protection with steel toes equipped boots

One of the main things about working on construction sites, is the fact that it also means basically laboring in various different kinds of otherwise potentially harmful environments. This is indeed, precisely why, it is considered very important to wear slip resistant boots that will help you ensure that you do not fall or slip and thereby end up getting injured, in any way. You would also need highly punch resistant soles as well, in case you are working in an area where sharp nails and glass may be found in the ground. Lastly, you need boots that are steel-toed since they can easily prevent your foot from being crushed by falling beams, cement blocks and other such items.

This is the part where the Workwear Hub (WWH)  steps into the picture. They have an excellent variety of high quality safety boots, that are suitable for all manners of construction work.

o   Gloves: Hand Protection at all times

Construction work often involves wearing heavy duty safety gloves, sometimes all the time. While welding gloves can prevent hands from getting burnt from sparks flying off welding rods and non-conducive rubber gloves, can be used for electrical wiring work as well.

o   Ear muffs: High quality hearing protection is a must

Many if not most, of the machinery that construction workers use on various construction sites tend to emit certain extremely loud noises that can easily damage the ear drums and cause a condition known as “tinnitus” or a continues ringing in the ear. If hearing protection is not worn during exposure to loud noise, it is liable to lead to permanent hearing loss as well, along with a ringing sound that can plague the individual at all hours of the day and night.

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Have you or a loved one been in an accident that led to an injury to the brain?

An injury involving the brain is very dangerous. Suffering an injury to the brain can also lead to serious damages to other parts of your body too. Therefore, it is very important to take it seriously. It should be taken as a serious injury even if there is no immediate effect of it on you. Brain damage is usually not identified immediately but can lead to serious consequences if left unattended.

The Effects of Brain Injury

bike accident

Your brain is the most important organ of your body. An injury to the brain can lead to severe effects on your entire functioning. Here are some effects that can follow an injury to the brain.

  • Amnesia of the event
  • Prolonged loss of consciousness
  • Learning difficulties
  • Nausea or frequent vomiting
  • Loss of concentration
  • Loss of memory
  • Difficult or altered hearing or vision
  • Difficulty or altered speech
  • Loss of taste
  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of coordination
  • Sleep impairment

Common Causes of Brain Injury

Here are some common causes of brain injury:

Road Accidents: High speed vehicular collisions can lead to brain injuries. These are also quite common in low speed crashes and can even occur when the person is wearing a helmet.

Workplace Injuries: Another common cause of brain injuries is accidents at the workplace. Being hit by falling objects, falling from a height, slipping and causing a hit to the head are all common causes of brain injuries.

Medical Negligence: Brain injuries and damage can also be caused if a medical procedure or surgery was not done the right way leading to injuries and damages to the brain.

Compensation in A Brain Injury

If you have been injured because of someone else’s fault and it has affected your brain, you are entitled to receive compensation for it. The level of compensation depends on different factors and varies from case to case. There are three main factors that determine the compensation in case of a brain injury:

  • The severity of the injuries
  • The level of culpability in causing the accident
  • The financial losses that occurred as a result of the injury

These factors are taken into account when the final compensation for a brain injury is determined.

Filing a Claim for Brain Injury

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and have suffered injuries to the brain, you need to file a claim as soon as possible once you’ve started with the medical treatment. It is important to take the services of a highly skilled and experience personal injury compensation lawyer to help you pursue your case. Filing a personal injury claim requires a lot of paperwork and other things that only a professional personal injury lawyer can take care of efficiently. With the right personal injury lawyer by your side, you will be able to get the compensation you deserve following an injury to your brain.

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We’re all aware of how important it is to carry our regular maintenance checks on your car; but with the brunt of the winter weather just around the corner, we need to pay extra attention to the condition of our vehicles. The weather conditions during the winter months bring a higher risk of collisions and maintenance issues to your car; which are all factors we want to avoid. With Christmas fast approaching and families from across the country traveling to see family and friends; we’ve put together a few tips on what you should check before setting off on your travels.

Knowing the importance of tyre care

tyre care

Your vehicle’s tyres are one of the most important areas to keep in top condition; not just in winter, but throughout the year. Tires which are worn or damaged increase your risk of a collision as their ability to grip to the roads surfaces is reduced. Checking the tires regularly means you can spot any damage and whether or not they need replacing. Replacing your vehicle’s tires doesn’t need to be a chore, with companies like TyrePlus offering mobile fitting; meaning any damaged tires can be replaced on your drive. It’s important to remember that tires which are badly worn and damaged are actually illegal to use.

Check your oil

If you drive an older model car, it’s a lot easier to forget to check your car’s oil, compared to newer cars. Newer models will often display a warning light if the oil level is running low, although you should check it manually on a regular basis. Most people are happy to use the common method of checking the level of oil in a vehicle but it really is important to do so, as a lack of oil can cause a severe amount of damage to the engine. A simple check like this can save you a lot of money in the long run. Having to buy a new engine will come at a cost.

Keep up to date with service & MOT

If your car is older than 3 years then it will need an MOT every year, as well as a service. These are the two most important health checks your vehicle needs and can spot any potential issues or damage your car may have. A lot of car owners put off service and MOT because of the price, but many companies offer service plans, meaning you can pay on a monthly basis. Future buyers of your car will be more likely to purchase the vehicle if it has a full service, so this is something to keep in mind.

For anyone who owns a car, we’re all fully aware of the checks we should be carrying out on our vehicles; but sometimes it’s easier to let them pass you by. Above are some of the most common checks, which can be done in no time at all and can save you money in the long run and reduce the risk of an accident on the road.

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I have to admit that doing a furniture upgrade to your home is not an easy task at all, and I’m sure some of you would most likely agree with me unless you don’t mind the endless hours of searching for the exact furniture that you need at the right price. You first have to figure out what colors you want depending on what colors your walls are in the room. You have to start match-making; choosing other items to go along with the items that you plan to put in the room that you will be furnishing.

Needless to say, over the past few weeks, I did a bit of shopping to find some furniture for my new apartment that I will be moving into soon, and there are just so many options I didn’t know where to begin. My new apartment isn’t that big so I was sort of looking for furniture that would be space-saving, as well as multi-functional. It seems that there are so many companies out there nowadays that have this idea of making furniture multi-purposeful. I truly like that idea, especially for single women like me who aren’t looking to just clutter up their apartment with a bunch of “stuff”. It’s the simple-minded, yet classy options out there that I like.

Innovation Furniture Options

innovative furniture

So while I was doing my big search a few days ago I stumbled across a place online, Futons Online who sell Innovative multi-purpose furniture. The website for this company presents one of a kind furniture. It’s called Innovation. I was able to browse their categories of items to see what would be the best fit for me and my needs for furnishing my living room. Ladies, I have to tell you; this website is about so much more than just buying furniture for your home. I mean, it’s truly amazing what this company has to offer and how they came about their tradition of being conscious of the environment while building their furniture pieces.

You see, I really like to support and give my money to a good company that actually has meaning, and that is actually doing something good for the environment. This company does just that. Not to mention, Innovation is a company that is very well established. They’ve been around since the 1980’s, working on various furniture styles that will suit the needs of people from all over the world.

Innovation’s Environment-Friendly Habits

By now you are probably curious and wondering just how Innovation’s furniture building habits are friendly for the environment. Well, I’ll be more than happy to share that with you. Upon doing a bit more research on this company, I found that not only do they have multi-purpose furniture, but they also recycle the materials that they use. They have, what is called, a Zero Waste Policy, which is something that they take pride in sharing with their customers. Now, how awesome is that? I mean, really, how often do you find a furniture company that is going to look after the environment like that? Most companies are only about making money and many are interested in cutting corners to use cheap materials to make a profit off of. This most definitely played a factor in my choice to purchase furniture from them.

It gets even better! The wood that is used for the furniture pieces comes from forests that are known to only have some of the best quality real wood that can be used for creating high quality; yet affordable furniture.

Family and Visitor Friendly Furniture

One thing about having a small apartment, since it’s just me all by myself, is that I don’t really have anywhere for guests to stay if they were to come down for a visit. I wanted multi-purpose furniture because when my parents come down from Colorado to visit during the holidays or just whenever, the futon sofa will easily turn from a sofa to a bed. Also, these futons sofas come in a number of different sofa options to choose from for your ideal comfort level. It used to be that you had a sofa bed with just a basic mattress and uncomfortable set of springs underneath. This company has brought futon sofa beds a long ways from the uncomfortable nights with metal springs digging into your back.

I think that some of you ladies who live in a small home with your kids would truly appreciate the space saving factor of the multi-purpose furniture that Innovation has to offer. You could have a nice, modern living room sofa during the day to lounge around on with your kiddos, and by night you or your kids can sleep on the pull out bed. The bed would also work great for hosting sleepover parties.

Mattress Options

Innovations offers an array of options when it comes to their mattresses for their futons and sofa beds. The best part about it, is that the mattresses are replaceable because they also sell them as accessories. So if, for some reason, your mattress gets ruined after many years of use, you can have it replaced with a new one.



Of course, budget plays a huge role in what you are able to afford when it comes to multi-purpose furniture. After reading about all of the hard work and raw materials the company puts into building their furniture pieces, I thought for sure that this superb furniture was going to be out of my price range. After all, I don’t make very much money. However, once I started looking at the prices of the furniture I was pleasantly surprised with just how affordable the pieces were.

Just to give you a better idea of pricing, you’re going to pay anywhere from $299-$600 for a futon sofa bed. It really all depends upon the quality and thickness of the mattress, as well as if you purchase a 2 seater or 3 seater futon sofa. Obviously, the larger the piece is the more you are going to pay. However, these prices are still quite affordable compared to some competitive options I’ve seen on the web and at local furniture stores.

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Going on a tour can be an amazing experience, especially if you don’t go on one too often. Many people, including myself, have a special appreciation for life experiences that they don’t get to do often. This isn’t to say that people who have the opportunity to travel often don’t appreciate wonderful experiences as much as people who don’t, because they most certainly do.

For someone like me, who is a mother, it’s a little bit harder to find the opportunity to travel around the world. This is especially true when it comes to trips that require flying in a plane across the world. In the past, I typically went on various family road trips with my husband and our three children. If you are a parent, then you know trips are not quite the same when going as a family as they are when it’s only adults. Don’t get me wrong though, I do enjoy my family vacation trips because it’s nice to get away from work and the everyday stressors of life in general. Last year’s trip, we went to Disney World, and we had a blast. My mother came along with us so my husband and I were able to get away and have some fun adult time in the evening.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find a sitter when you have little ones, so some of us have to wait until the children get older before we can really let loose and go on the craziest world tour of our dreams. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I’m sure you get my drift.

Anniversary Plans

wedding Anniversary planning

This past summer, May 22nd, was me and my husband’s fifth anniversary. A few months before that we were making plans to do something awesome and fun since the previous two years we didn’t get to really do anything due to lack of a sitter and our youngest coming down with the flu. So this year, we decided to plan something amazing that we knew we’d both enjoy. We looked online at a number of different vacation destinations. Three of the places that we had been talking about visiting for the past three years were Bahamas, Australia, and London.

We spoke with my mother-in-law this past year about her taking care of the kids so that we could celebrate our anniversary, and she agreed to it. We were so excited knowing that we would get to go out and enjoy ourselves for once and not have to worry about our kiddos.

Deciding on London

After a few weeks of discussing where we wanted to go for our anniversary vacation, we decided on London. We felt like it would be a very romantic yet beautiful place to visit. Plus there are a lot of romantic things to do in London for couples.

I couldn’t get back to my blog quick enough to tell you all what a wonderful time my husband and I had when we went on our anniversary trip to London. It was definitely the escape of a lifetime and I hope to do it again someday. The main highlight of our trip to London is when we went on the helicopter flight tour.

It was a breathtaking experience that allowed us to be able to see the beautiful views as well as the various landmarks. Some, we had visited during our trip, while others – we hadn’t gone too. The tour allows you to see every bit of London, so it’s like you aren’t missing out on anything because you get to see it from the sky. It is truly a breathtaking experience. My husband and I were even able to take pictures of the view.

My husband was a bit nervous at first, just like he was when we got on the plane to head to London. Knowing that we were over 1,000 feet in the air didn’t sit well with him but once we started taking in the beautiful views of London, his mind eased up a bit and he was able to enjoy the flight.

Being on this wonderful helicopter tour, we experienced so many luxuries that we weren’t accustomed to back home. I felt like we were being treated like royalty. In the afternoon, we were spoiled with yummy pastries that resembled those that I only dreamed of eating at a pretend tea party as a little girl. There were also a variety of different types of coffee and tea to choose from.  All of the pastries were fresh right out of the oven.

The Tour Option

When signing up for the helicopter tour around London, there were three different tour options to choose from; Bronze Tour, Silver Tour, and the Gold Tour. My husband and I chose the Silver London Tour since this particular one included a spa which was something that we felt would be relaxing and rejuvenating for the both of us. The spa was a great choice because it is something that we felt we both needed. It lasted almost the entire day, and we were given champagne while we were pampered with one of the best massage experiences ever.



Later on during the evening my husband and I were able to fly in the helicopter in style to a local music festival event. There were so many people, and it was very crowded. I have to say though, that it was really nice to be able to ride in a helicopter and arrive to the music festival instead of being stuck in traffic in a car. There was a special area that we landed, away from all of the cars but there were still people around and we felt like celebrities as we exited the helicopter.

Even though there were a bunch of wild people at the concert, it didn’t matter to us much; we were able to handle the craziness of the crowd and still have a good time listening to the music and watching the performers.

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Professional goals and dreams aren’t always as easy to obtain as you might think. Many of us often need a little boost or a little bit of motivation to help get us to where we want to be in our careers. Not only do some of us need a boost to help us get started with our career paths, but our personal lives can also affect some of the decisions that we make if we are experiencing anxiety, stress, or doubting ourselves when it comes to advancing in life.

Everyone has a breaking point when it comes to various different aspects of life and we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. If you are part of an organization where your position requires that everyone comes to you, then you most likely have trouble finding someone that can help you in times of stress and hardships.

Being a Woman and CEOBeing a Woman and CEO

Both men and women alike suffer when it comes to keeping things together, especially when they are at the top of the business chain. If you are in a CEO position of your company, then you know what I’m talking about. I can’t say that women suffer more than men do, but there are differences when it comes to the stress of keeping things together for the company and taking control when business decisions seem to unravel. As women, we struggle in our leadership roles because we are typically not taken as seriously as men are. The pressure is high most definitely and it is expected that we work just a little bit harder to prove ourselves when it comes to making decisions in the business world

Being the executive director of an Independent Review Board I stay quite busy making sure that things run smoothly with our company and that we are meeting the expectations of our clients. Everyone comes to me for every matter of the company. I can say that as a woman, I feel as though I stress out more than what a man in this position might. Quite often, I’m also looked down upon as though I can’t handle my job very well. I only say this because we women think differently than men do and we take criticism different; we are more emotional beings.

There is this constant pressure of feeling the need to prove myself to people that I barely know.  I have actually been told by an angry client that I shouldn’t be working in an executive position because it would be better for a businessman to handle such a job title.  I have been told that I didn’t deserve my position as an executive director.  It’s simply mind-boggling the things that people say to you when you are already under a lot of stress from dealing with clients, paperwork, making phone calls to people, etc.

Not only do I have this stress to deal with at work, but at the end of the day I have to go home to my family, and by this time I barely have the energy and motivation to take on my wifely duties and spend time with my kids.

Searching for a Personal Coach

I reached a point in my life after about five years of stress and working under so much pressure that I just needed help. I needed the type of help and assistance that couldn’t be offered by my husband, couldn’t be offered by a colleague, and couldn’t be offered by a friend. That help would come from a personal coach. I had never thought I would ever need a professional coach in my life, but I had heard in previous years some of the success stories that some of my fellow colleagues had shared with me about how their personal coaches helped to get their career life back in order as well as helping them with managing daily stress.

I started my search online of local personal coaches and came across various web pages and eventually, I found what I was looking for. My personal coach has helped me through some of the hardest times in my career during these past two years. I can never thank her enough for all that she has done to help me get back on track, and help me to build the confidence that I needed as a woman for my choice of career. She is a very understanding person who I was able to go to at the right time. Being a woman herself, she was able to easily sympathize with me and relate to me with some of my struggles.

She spoke words of encouragement to me and I think it is a wonderful thing that she has chosen to do. As a woman, it helps to have other women out there that will help to build self-esteem and confidence in one another.  I would say that having a female coach, in general, is the best option for women because we can relate to a lot of things, whether it’s business, or our family, or home lives. Although just having a personal coach period could really help a person to keep their heads on straight.

My personal coach was able to help me become more organized and think clearly so that I could focus more on tasks at work without falling apart. She helped me come up with plans of actions for reoccurring issues that I was having in my leadership role at work.

It’s Worth It

personal coach training

If you feel like your world is crumbling around you and you have a lot of responsibilities; a career that requires high demands, it is definitely in your best interest to have a personal coach. I feel as though everyone at some point in time in their lives needs a personal coach. We all have our breaking points and sometimes it really does take someone with the proper knowledge and skills to help build us back up again.

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